Medication Therapy Services Clinic

Are you or someone you care for confused and overwhelmed by your medications? We can help!

Contact us to book an appointment and we will happily walk you through the process. Please note: We do both in-person and virtual appointments. (For virtual appointments, you need an internet connection and a camera.) 

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The Medication Therapy Services Clinic, or MTS Clinic, is the province’s only “pharmacist-clinic” which is run by the School of Pharmacy at Memorial University. Our pharmacists see patients by appointment to help them understand their medications better, and work with patients, their doctors and community pharmacists (and other health providers) to ensure they are taking the best medications for them, and using them in a way to ensure they are receiving the full benefit.

The MTS Clinic also provides support to community pharmacists through education and mentorship opportunities, and is a teaching centre for pharmacy students and other learners. We are committed to working with health providers to promote rational, appropriate medication use, and to helping patients achieve their health goals through safe and appropriate medication use.

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