Quit Smoking & Vaping Program

Smoking Cessation

April 2022 updateAt this time our program is full but we are accepting names for our waitlist.  Please send a referral form or call us at 864-2274 to join our waitlist.

The Smoking Cessation program is a pharmacist-led clinic that offers smoking cessation services including quit medication and counseling for individuals who wish to make a change in their tobacco use.


Our individualized service can be tailored to suit your needs but typically includes a combination of the following:

  • Pre-quit visits in which we work with you to develop your quit plan. This may include:
    • Collection of information such as your smoking history and any relevant health conditions and treatments
    • Identification of smoking triggers
    • Development of behavioural strategies to manage triggers, as well as cravings and other signs of nicotine withdrawal
    • Education about quit medications and a prescription for same if appropriate.
  • Post-quit visits in which we support your quit journey. This may include:
    • Reviewing any quit medication to support effectiveness and tolerability.
    • Assessing abstinence or reductions in tobacco use
    • Identifying lapses or slips (or risk factors for such) and working with you to get back on track

For those interested in making a change in their tobacco use, but not ready to set a quit date, assistance with other strategies such as helping you reduce the amount you smoke, practice quit attempts and reduce-to-quit initiatives can be offered.

Contact us
If you are interested in being a part of our program you can:
  • call us @ 864-2274


  • complete and fax the REFERRAL FORM to 864-6245. We cannot accept referral forms via email.