Exit Management

Memorial’s departments of Financial and Administrative Services, Information Technology Services and Human Resources have worked together to develop new mechanisms for documenting and processing employee exits. The new process will ensure a departing employee’s access is terminated, university assets/records are returned and outstanding financial matters are reconciled in a timely manner.

All university employees and administrators are asked to familiarize themselves with the changes and follow the new notification process outlined below. Forms associated with this process have been posted to the forms section of my.mun.ca under the Exit Management tab. The first time you access the forms, you will need to download them and open in Adobe.

The new process is to be followed for all exiting staff, faculty and student employees:

  • In making their retirement or resignation decision, employees may have questions or require information. For information specific to their personal pension entitlement, employees should consult the pension calculator located on the my.mun.ca portal. General questions regarding retirement/resignation can be directed to MyHR.
  • Once the decision to retire or resign from Memorial has been made, employees are to inform their units and submit a resignation letter to their immediate supervisor, or in the case of MUNFA members, to the president (as outlined within the MUNFA collective agreement).
  • The immediate supervisor informs the administrative lead within the unit. The administrative lead will then complete and submit Form 1 – Termination of Employment Notice. Once the “Submit Form” button has been clicked, it will automatically go to Financial and Administrative Services, Information Technology Services and Human Resources for action. This form should only be submitted once.
  • Employee resignation letters can be uploaded to the MyHR case that is generated with the submission of Form 1. The exiting employee does not have to submit their letter separately. Please note: do not create a separate case by submitting the resignation letter separately.
  • The exiting employee should complete Form 2 – Termination of Employment Departmental Form and submit it to the administrative lead for final completion. The administrative lead will use the “Submit Form” button to send this form to Human Resources and Information Technology Services immediately following the employee’s last day of work. In some situations it may not be possible/appropriate for the exiting employee to complete this form. The administrative lead can complete the form on their behalf.
  • In the event an employment contract is coming to an end and it is not being renewed, the administrative lead is required to initiate this process with the submission of Form 1 – Termination of Employment Notice.

For additional information, please refer to the Exiting Employee Process

For employee FAQs related to the process of leaving Memorial University employment, please click here.

For administrator specific FAQs please click here.


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