Joint Equity Committee

The Joint Equity Process
As part of the University’s commitment to non-discrimination and equity there is an employment equity document that applies to all Academic staff member appointments of one year or longer. The Joint Equity Process is outlined in Article 29 of the MUN/MUNFA collective agreement. 

A search committee shall prepare a file for review by the Joint equity committee as per article 29 and depicted in this flow chart. Submissions to the Joint Equity Committee would include hard copies of the following:

  1. Completed Shortlist Review for Academic Appointments. 
  2. Job ad
  3. Self ID information (employment equity survey results)
  4. CV’s of shortlisted candidates
  5. CV’s of candidates not short-listed who indicated (on the employment equity survey only) that they are a target group member and eligible to work in Canada.

List of Joint Equity Committee Members

MUNFA representatives:
Dr. Carolyn Walsh
Dr. Saeed Samet
Dr. William Midodzi

Administrative representatives:
Tracey Pittman
Gina Billard

Ex-officio member:
Employment equity officer, Tina Hickey 

Joint equity short list review form (for search committee)

JEC meeting schedule for the Fall 2016 Semester:
The Joint Equity Committee will meet every Monday at 3:00 pm. If you have a file to be reviewed by the JEC please ensure that it is delivered to the Employment Equity office by Friday at noon.

JEC Information sessions available on request.



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