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Intercultural conflict style inventory

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Intercultural development inventory (IDI) workshops

Elevate your awareness of your approach to cultural diversity through the application of the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI) tool, supplemented by group feedback and the exploration of guidelines for managing the nuances of cross-cultural communication. The workshop will be of particular value to administrative staff, educators, employers and other professionals working with diverse cultures. This session is offered in half-day or 2-hour sessions with individual feedback sessions arranged at a later date. The IDI is statistically reliable and it measures intercultural competence based on Dr. Milton Bennett's Developmental Model of Intercultural Sensitivity. Visit www.idiinventory.com for more information.

Watch an introductory video.


Intercultural conflict style inventory

The Intercultural Conflict Style (ICS) Inventory is an assessment tool used to identify different culture-based perspectives to resolving conflict.

It is an 18-item, self-scored inventory that indicates an individual’s orientation towards four possible cross-cultural dispute resolution approaches. It is a tool designed to enable individuals working with diverse cultures to maximize positive and productive interactions. Included is an opportunity to chart your own conflict management style and contrast it with styles of other cultural communities.

The ICS Inventory is a statistically reliable and valid measure of conflict style based on the Intercultural Conflict style model. The ICS Inventory can be used for individual, group and organizational assessment. The Intercultural Conflict Style Inventory (ICSI) is also included in this session. To request a session or for more information, please contact the Employment Equity Office: (709) 864-2548 or equity@mun.ca.



Gender and sexual diversity awareness training

These training sessions will help raise awareness of how to create more welcoming and accessible environments for queer and transgendered populations. They are facilitated by members of the Trans Needs Committee, which includes an experienced training team that has conducted engaging workshops in educational and non-profit settings.
The following themes are examples of what we can cover:

  • Sexual and Gender Diversity: Becoming Familiar with Terminology and Language
  • Myths and Misunderstandings
  • Trans-Inclusion and Levels of Organizational Change and practice
  • Trans People and Mental Health
  • Trans People and Homelessness
  • LGBT Young People, Mental Health, and Substance Use
  • LGBT Young People and Homelessness
  • Trans Seniors
  • Creating More Accessible Services for Trans Communities


Workshop Formats
Workshop formats are flexible and will be tailored to meet your needs, including one hour, half-day, and full-day sessions. Contact equity@mun.ca or call 864-2548 for more information and to request a session.

Trans Needs Committee (TNC) TNC is a grassroots committee founded in 2011 and comprised of:

  • students, staff and faculty from Memorial University
  • service providers, and
  • community members

TNC is committed to raising awareness of the issues facing trans and gender diverse individuals and communities, and to the advancement and understanding of trans perspectives on campus and in our local communities.

TNC has focused on the following priority areas:

Washroom Access:

  • Conducted survey of washrooms on MUN’s St. John’s campus to locate single stall washrooms including attention to accessibility, physical safety, and signage
  • Consulted with Student Affairs and Services, and MUN Residences regarding bathroom signage and recommended changes


Trans-Inclusive Policies:

  • Oversaw the completion of a policy scan of gender inclusive policies at North American colleges and universities
  • Presented results of scan to administrators within the university

Supporting Trans Community Networks:

  • Organized Trans Week of Awareness and Action in 2013 and 2014

Contact: Trans Needs Committee Co-Chairs: Ky Rees, Zack Marshall, Ailsa Craig at email: tnc.mun@gmail.com.



Intercultural online video resources

Please click here to access video resources. These videos were made possible through funding provided by the Government of Alberta.


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