Staying Socially Connected

COVID-19 has impacted our lives in many ways. With the rules of physical distancing, maintaining social connections can be difficult, yet important for mental and physical health. While many of the traditional ways to socialize may not be possible at the moment, the following are some ideas for maintaining social connections with colleagues and co-workers:

  • Schedule online coffee chats or lunches
  • Call a colleague instead of emailing or Skyping
  • While following public health guidelines, have a socially distanced lunch or coffee with a colleague
  • Organize an online team building activity - ex: play games such as charades, Pictionary or a video game

Health Improvement Program

If you are interested in getting exercise while being connected, consider joining the Health Improvement Program (HIP), it has been moved online and includes three live online fitness classes per week. 

If you aren't into organized fitness classes, don't under estimate the benefit of getting outside.  Go for a walk, enjoy nature.  This will help with your physical and mental health and can help to reduce any feelings of stress.