Staying Socially Connected

The technology that allows us to work remotely also presents creative opportunities for teams to interact virtually.  Staying connected while working remotely is important to ensure productivity and business continuity is maintained, as well as important for mental and physical health. The following are some ideas for maintaining social connections with colleagues and co-workers:

  • Schedule online coffee chats or lunches
  • Call a colleague instead of emailing or Skyping
  • Arrange a time for an in-person lunch or coffee with a colleague
  • Organize an online team building activity - ex: play games such as charades, Pictionary or a video game

Wellness at Work

Maintaining your physical and emotional well-being while working remotely is important. Taking time throughout your day to get outside can be a great benefit. Go for a walk, enjoy nature. This will help with your physical and mental health and can help to reduce any feelings of stress. It is also recommended to establish a dedicated office space in your remote work location and ensure healthy boundaries are maintained between work and life. You may wish to identify a morning and end of work routine to encourage healthy boundaries.

Check the Human Resources Events Calendar for a listing of upcoming on-line Wellness Sessions that are offered in conjunction with the Department of Human Resources and LifeWorks.

Additional Employee Wellness Resources can be found here.