iCBT Coverage

Medavie Blue Cross has expanded the health plan benefits provided to Memorial employees by offering plan members access to Internet-based cognitive behavioural therapy (iCBT) under the psychologist benefit.

iCBT is an evidence-based, digital form of psychotherapy that helps with mild to moderate symptoms of depression, anxiety and other concerns with mental well-being. It is commonly used to build skills that empower people to change how they think and feel, and ultimately become more resilient.

The expansion of the psychologist benefit to include iCBT gives plan members the option to receive either face-to-face or online services. Plan members who use iCBT will receive online support through their computer, tablet or mobile device.

Benefits of iCBT include being able to access services anytime, anywhere. Also, iCBT is less expensive than traditional face-to-face therapy sessions thus enabling benefit dollars to go further.

Coverage for cognitive behavioral therapy is provided to plan members through the psychologist benefit, up to a maximum provider charge of $1000 per calendar year. Reimbursement is at 80% of the eligible provider charge. All plan members and their dependents (age 16 and over) are eligible for the iCBT service.

The service providers for iCBT are BEACON and Morneau Shepell. Both deliver a customized, therapist-guided program to address depression and anxiety with online tools and exercises. For more information, please contact Medavie Blue Cross or click on the Beacon and Morneau Shepell documents below.