Health and dental coverage for dependents over age 21

The Memorial University Health and Dental plans provide for an extension of coverage beyond age 21 for dependent children of plan members. Coverage may be extended from age 21 to age 25, on a year-by-year basis, for dependent children who are:

  • in full-time attendance at an accredited school, college or university;
  • unmarried; and
  • dependent on the plan member for financial care and support.

To ensure that coverage is maintained, a registration card must be completed at the time the child reaches age 21, and in August of each subsequent year. To access this card, please visit the forms section of the Employee tab in the portal (please note, this card is saved with the Blue Cross forms). 

Completed registration cards should be returned to:

  • Department of Human Resources, Room A-4023, Arts and Administration Building. 864-2434.