Workplace Mindfulness Program

The Workplace Mindfulness Program provides training in the skillful use of mindfulness tools and methods, which can be used to address the most difficult circumstances in employees’ professional or personal life. Committed to furthering the development of its employees, Employee Wellness in collaboration with Learning and Development developed this program as a catalyst to provide alternative ways in managing stress in the workplace to ensure employees are less affected by second-guesses, self-criticism, hesitation, and are better able to move forward with confidence and integrity when action is required. In addition to the psychological benefits, mindfulness training will also provide Memorial employees with an opportunity for professional development with key competencies focused on enhancing or developing skills such as effective communication, time management, and active listening with an opportunity to connect these practices to individual work tasks and situations.

The target group for this program is all employees at Memorial University, who are looking to manage stress in the workplace, learn how to be mindful, present and focused, collaborate with fellow employees to develop a professional network, while also growing personally and professionally. Eligible participants are those who occupy positions on a permanent, full-time basis and who are funded through operating budgets. 

This program consists of nine one-hour weekly sessions and one two-hour capstone reflective session for a total of 11 hours. The seminars topics were: The Business Case for Workplace Mindfulness, Core Practices for Developing Mindful Awareness in the Workplace, Attention in the Age of Digital Distraction, Seeing the Big Picture, Beyond the Details, The Power of Pausing, Responding Instead of Reacting, Building Respectful Relationships, Navigating Stress and Uncertainty, Joining Vision and Practicality, Practice and Reflection: Tying it together.

The program is not currently being offered.



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