Drilling Technology Laboratory Personnel

Group Supervisors/Investigators/Engineering Staff 

Stephen Butt, Principal Investigator James Yang, Faculty Investigator
Geoff Rideout, Faculty Investigator John Molgaard, Faculty Investigator
Charles Hurich, Faculty Investigator Kelly Leshane, Process Technologist
Katna Munuswamy, Faculty Investigator Mohammed Mokhtar Said, Lab Manager

Visiting Scholars

Dr. Kanhua Su, 2016 May-2017 May  

Postdoctoral Fellow

Dr. Yingjian Xiao, 2018 Aug - present

Graduate Students

Pushpinder Singh Rana, Ph.D. Candidate
PDC bit wear optimization studies

Zijian Li, M.Eng. Candidate
Rotary percussion drilling penetration mechanism

MD. Mizanur Rahman, Ph.D. Candidate

Cutting transportation in horizontal drilling. 

Abdalsalam Ihmoudah, Ph.D. Candidate

Multiphase flow CFD and experiments in pipelines and wellbores

Sule, Idris Olusola, Ph.D. Candidate
Early kick detection

Abdelsalam Abugharara, Ph.D. Candidate
Rock/bit/fluid interaction modelling

Mohammed Mokhtar Said, Ph.D. Candidate
Drilling automation and optimization

David Onalo, Ph.D. Candidate
Geomechanics and Enhanced Oil Recovery

A S Daiyan Ahmed, M.Eng. Candidate

Drilling Rig Tool Analysis and Design

Hongyuan Qiu, Ph.D. Candidate
Drill-string dynamic and metal fatigue

M. Jalal Ahammad, Ph.D. Candidate
Multiphase flow in porous media

Md. Shaheen Shah, M.Eng. Candidate

passive-Vibration Assisted Rotary Drilling (p-VARD) Technology Analysis, Measurement and Modelling

Kalene F. Hines, M.Eng. Candidate

Near wellbore geomechanics

Javad Someehneshin, M.Eng Candidate

Green and Sustainable Mining, Wellbore stability and Cement Backfilling 

Jeronimo de Moura Junior, Ph.D. Candidate
Innovative drilling technology optimization

Labiba Nusrat Jahan, Ph.D. Candidate

Drilling Rig Tool Analysis and Design

Nhat Minh Dinh,  M.Eng Candidate

Gas kick detection

Augustine Uhunoma Osarogiagbon, Ph.D. Candidate

Somadina Innocent Muojeke, M.Eng Candidate

Subsea Leak Detection

Hohamad Migamel Hugue, Ph.D. Candidate

CFD/Multiphase Flow

Nasser Elfayoumi,  Ph.D. Candidate
CFD/Multiphase Flow

Golam Rasul

M.Eng Candidate

Dipesh Maharjan

M.Eng Candidate

Alumni (Graduation Year)

Wei Zhang, M.Eng. (2011)
Development of New Technology of Impregnated Diamond Coring Bit Wear Measurement in Conventional Rotary Drilling and Vibration Assisted Rotary Drilling
Alireza Abtahi, M.Eng. (2011)
Bit Wear Analysis and Optimization for Vibration Assisted Rotary Drilling (VARD) using Impregnated Diamond Bits 
Babak Akbari, M.Eng. (2011)
Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit-Rock Interaction 
Yusuf Babatunde, M.Eng. (2011)
The Effects of Varying Vibration Frequency and Power on Efficiency in Vibration Assisted Rotary Drilling 
Heng Li, M.Eng. (2011)
Experimental Investigation of the Rate of Penetration of Vibration Assisted Rotary Drilling
Mahmud Sazidy, M.Eng. (2011)
Modelling and Validation of Percussive Drilling Performance in a Simulated Visco-Elasto-Plastic Rock Medium
Kambiz Jahromi, M.Eng. (2012)
Drill String Axial Vibration and Sonic Head Analysis
Oleksii Pronin, M.Eng. (2012)
Pulse-Cavitation Vibrating Drilling Prototype Development and Evaluation
Mejbahul Sarker, M.Eng. (2012)
Modelling, Simulation and Control of Stick-Slip and Bit-Bounce Vibration in an Oilwell Drillstring
Hossein Khorshidian, M.Eng. (2012)
Phenomena Affecting Penetration Mechanism of Polycrystalline Diamond Compact Bit
Reza Alvari, M.Eng. (2013)
A Study of Flow Rate Effects in Drilling with Embedded Coring Bits, and the Commissioning of a CERCHAR Rock Abrasivity
Ahmad Ghasemloonia, Ph.D. (2013)
Elastodynamic and Finite Element Analysis of Coupled Lateral-Axial Vibration of a Drillstring with a Downhole Vibration Generator and Shock Sub
Lei Wang, M.Eng. (2013)
Dynamic analysis of bottom hole assembly with external vibrating force excitation
Asma Dewan, M.Eng. (2014)
Investigation of the potential of using seismic attenuation and velocity to identify massive sulphide ore deposits
Mohammad Mozaffari, M.Eng. (2014)
Comprehensive Simulation of Single PDC Cutter Penetration using Distinct Element Modeling (DEM) Methods
Yusef Garibi Yamchi, M.Eng. (2014)
Evaluation and Characterization of Hydraulic Pulsing Drilling Tools and Potential Impacts on Penetration Rate
Qian Gao, M.Eng. (2014)
Development of Laboratory and Field Drilling Tools to Measure Bit Operating Conditions and Drill String Motions 
Ehsan Fallahi, M.Eng. (2014)
Investigation of coupled axial-lateral-torsional drill string vibrations using a multi-body dynamics approach

Ahmad Elnahas, M.Eng. (2014)
Experimental Investigation of the Effect of Axial Vibration Generated by Pressure Pulses on Drilling Performance

Sadegh Babapour, M.Eng. (2014)
Investigation of Enhancing Drill Cuttings Clearing and Penetration Rate using Cavitating Pressure Pulses

Masoud Khademi, M.Eng. (2014)
Laboratory Study of the Effect of Axial Compliance on Rock Penetration of PDC Bits

Rebayetur Rahman, M.Eng. (2015)Development and interpretation of downhole data from the downhole vibration monitoring tool

Jinhan Zhong, M.Eng. (2016)
Investigation of Bit-rock Interaction for Rotary Drilling and Influence on Penetration Rate

Rosana Reyes, M.Eng. (2016)
Bit-rock Interaction in Rotary Drilling: Numerical and Experimental Study 

Mejbahul Sarker, Ph.D. (2016)
Deviated wellbore drillstring modeling
Zhen Zhang, M.Eng. (2017)
Rock material characterization
Yingjian Xiao, Ph.D. (2017)
Seismic While Drilling on Rock Penetration Mechanism
Abourawi Alwaar, M.Eng. (2018)
Rock/bit/fluid interaction modeling
Solomon Kwabena Ansah, M.Eng. (2018)
Igor Kyzym, M.Eng. (2018)
Rock bit interation and drill cutting analysis
Bashir Mohamed, M.Eng. (2018)

Work Term Students

Jean Van Wijk, Winter 2009 Daniel Martin, Spring 2009 
Andrew McHugh, Fall 2009 Charles Giles, Fall 2009, Spring 2011
J Horton, Spring 2010 Qiong Zhang, Spring 2010
Colin MacGillivray, Spring 2010 Samantha Batstone, Spring 2010, Fall 2010
Joshua Roberts, Spring 2010, Fall 2010 Nicole Myers, Fall 2010
Stephen Lundrigan, Fall 2010 Gordon Simmons, Winter 2011
Charles Giles, Spring 2011 Joshua J Abeling, Spring 2011
Justin G Royce, Spring 2011 Lida Liu, Fall 2011
Daniel Parsons, Fall 2011 Sakate Wadhawan, Winter 2012
Muzammel Hussain, Spring 2012 Manir Al-Faisal, Fall 2012 
Udayraj Mandke, Winter 2013 Ming Ma, Fall 2014
Kayla Michelle Rochon, Fall 2014

William Nurse, Winter 2015

Emily Elizabeth Flynn, Winter 2016 Peter A Samaan, Fall 2016
Nichelas Osmond, Winter 2017 Neeson Mello, Winter 2018 
Turar Tanirbergenov, Winter 2018 Xinyu Tan, Winter 2018
Lucas Laracy, Spring 2018