Research Grant & Contract Services Policies

Memorial University has a number of institutional policies that guide the administration and practice of research. The following links lead to the full text of each listed policy on Memorial's policy website.

Conflict of Interest
This policy is meant to ensure that the actions and decisions made on behalf of the university are done so in the best interests of Memorial and are not influenced by personal interests. The policy sets out the university's position on real, perceived or potential conflicts of interest and provides processes and mechanisms to address these issues. 

Contract Administration
This policy defines the authority for the oversight of contract administration, the general parameters under with a contract might be created, the roles and responsibilities associated with contract administration and the positions that are required to review and sign contracts on behalf of the university.

Contract Research
This policy is meant to ensure that all research contracts entered into by the university meet all legal requirements on the university, are aligned with the university's basic commitment to the free pursuit of knowledge and that any potential academic consequences are assessed by the appropriate academic bodies.

Controlled Goods
This policy outlines the authority, obligations and procedures, in accordance with the Controlled Goods Regulations of the Defence Production Act, for the purchase, receipt, registration, storage, security assessment, shipment and use of controlled technology and goods.

Establishment of University Institutes and Centres
This policy facilitates the establishment of new institutes and centres at Memorial University.

Ethics of Research Involving Human Participants
This policy is meant to ensure that those conducting research at Memorial University achieve a proper balance between respect for the dignity and welfare of the participants on the one hand, and the need for advancement of knowledge on the other.

Indirect Costs of Contract Research
The costs of carrying out research, whether grant or contract based, fall into two broad categories: direct costs and indirect costs (also known as research overhead). This policy provides a mechanism whereby the indirect costs of contract research could be recovered from sponsors and a portion allocated to researchers to support their research directly.

Institutional Animal Care
This policy is meant to ensure the humane use and care of animals in the advancement and transmission of knowledge.

Integrity in Scholarly Research
As part of Memorial's commitment to excellence in scholarly activities, the university is committed to ensuring that the highest standards of ethical conduct and scholarly integrity are understood and practiced.

Intellectual Property
Members of Memorial University produce significant intellectual property that stands to benefit the university, the individual and, both in Newfoundland and Labrador and more widely, society at large. The university has an obligation to facilitate the use of intellectual property in which it has invested and to share in the benefits realized. This policy clarifies the ownership of intellectual property that is created or developed by members of Memorial University.

Postdoctoral Fellows
Postdoctoral fellows are an integral part of the university and make a significant contribution to the research and teaching environment and mission of the university. This policy outlines the responsibilities, obligations, expectations, services and procedures which relate to the appointment of postdoctoral fellows.

Reallocation, Renewal and Reduction of Canada Research Chairs (CRCs) at Memorial University
CRCs are an important research resource that must be deployed through a rigorous process designed to optimize their effectiveness in advancing strategically the university’s research enterprise while simultaneously avoiding entrenchment, and creating equitable opportunities for access to the program across all faculties, schools, and campuses. This policy provides a framework to optimize the effectiveness of the CRC program, and outlines the respective processes for the renewal, reallocation or reduction of CRC positions at Memorial University.

Research Pool - General
This policy is applicable to waived extra teaching entitlements and consulting fees from completed research contracts or clinical trials which have been approved by Memorial University's Office of Research Services.

Student Employment
This policy encompasses all undergraduate and graduate students who obtain employment and work experience at Memorial University.