30 Seconds of Research


Sample videos of the innovative research conducted by graduate students in the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science are shown below.


SeaCat: Autonomous Surface Vehicle with a better Strategy to Explore Our Ocean

Students: Zhi Li and Shuyan Chen
Supervisors: Dr. Ralf Bachmayer and Dr. Andrew Vardy

The video introduces research concerning the exploration of advanced survival strategies for Autonomous Surface Vehicles. This research helps these vehicles participate in safe and persistent ocean exploration missions in harsh ocean environments.


Thermal Analysis of Buried Offshore Pipeline

Students: Abdul Aziz and Suvra Chakraborty
Supervisor: Dr. Vandad Talimi

The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University of Newfoundland is contributing to Atlantic Canada with novel ideas and research facilities. In this short video, we introduce such research and focus on a student research topic: "Thermal Analysis of Buried Offshore Pipeline." It was shot in the C-CORE laboratory on the Memorial campus.


Composites Material for Large Ships

Students: Peng Yu and Plinio Ferreira Pinto
Supervisors: Dr. Sam Nakhla and Dr. Geoff Rideout

We can benefit a lot from applying composite materials to large ships such as lower maintenance costs and lower structure weights. One of the concerns now obstructing the development of composites ship structures is the manufacturing cost. This video talks about the cost estimation model we developed for manufacturing large ship structures. This model can be considered as the first step in promoting the composites applications in large ships. When the composites are widely used in large ship structures, the ship weights will be reduced, which means a decrease of fuel consumption. In other words, it is more environment-friendly.