Service in Grant Evaluation Committees

Civil Engineering

  • Assem Hassan
    • Member, NSERC RTI Review Committee: Civil, Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Bing Chen
    • Member, NSERC RTI Review Committee: Civil Industrial and Systems Engineering
  • Helen Zhang
    • Member, NSERC Discovery Grants Evaluation Group: Civil, Industrial, and Systems Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Cecilia Moloney
    • Member, Board of Directors Canada Foundation for Innovation: Governance and Nominating Committee
  • Cheng Li
    • Member, NSERC Discovery Grants Evaluation Group: Computer Sciences
  • Lihong Zhang
    • Member, NSERC Review Committee: Electrical and Computer Engineering
  • Octavia A. Dobre
    • Chair, NSERC Discovery Grant Evaluation Group: Electrical and Computer Engineering
    • Member, European Research Council Grant Committees
  • Sarah Power
    • Member, NSERC Scholarships and Fellowships Selection Committee: Chemical, Biomedical, and Materials Science Engineering
  • Steve Czarnuch
    • Reviewer, CIHR COVID-19 Mental Health & Substance Use Service Needs and Delivery

Mechanical Engineering

  • George Mann
    • Member, NSERC Evaluation Group: Mechanical Engineering
  • Greg Naterer
    • Chair, NSERC-Engineering and Applied Science Liaison Committee
  • Xili Duan
    • Member, NSERC Scholarships and Fellowships: Mechanical Engineering

Ocean and Naval Architecture Engineering

  • Brian Veitch
    • Engineering Committee, American Bureau of Shipping Harsh Environment Technology Centre

Process Engineering

  • Faisal Khan
    • Member, Expert Review Panel, Genome Canada
    • Member, NSERC Panel of Ethics Review
  • Kelly Hawboldt
    • Chair, NSERC RTI Review Committee: Chemical and Material Engineering
    • Member, OFI Scientific Advisory Committee
    • Member, Ocean Supercluster Project Review Commiittee
    • Member, Environmental Studies Research Funds East Coast Advisory Committee
    • Member, PEGNL Registration Committee
  • Lesley James
    • Member, NSERC Discovery Grants Evaluation Group: Materials and Chemical Engineering