Vision, Software and Robotics (VISOR) Laboratory

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The VISOR (Vision, Software and Robotics) lab in CSF-4103 is the space that hosts the Bio-inspired Robotics (BOTS) lab and the Atlantic Canada Public Safety Research and Innovation Laboratory, as well as other experiments related to cyber-physical systems. The VISOR lab is equipped with a world-leading purpose-built space for indoor drone testing, incorporating a mechanical "no-fly zone" and a safety curtain around the perimeter of the lab to permit safe observation of drone-based experiments.




  • 12 Kodama robots
    Each Kodama combines a Raspberry Pi computer and a Pololu 3pi robot base.
  • 6 microUSV robots
    These are unmanned surface vehicles (USV) that operate on the surface of an indoor tank.
  • 4 Canary robots
    Each Canary combines a Pixy intelligent camera and a Pololu Zumo 32U4 robot base.
Robot operating surfaces

A table where the robots drive over a large-screen television that can project patterns upwards to guide their movements.
A stadium-shaped table (makes life easier for robots since there are no corners!).

Miscellaneous equipment
  • Decawave localization system
  • Intel RealSense D435 cameras
  • Hokuyo lidars. Soldering station
  • Tools and other hardware
Human motion tracking and detection
  • 6 Microsoft Kinect Azure sensors
  • 4 Microsoft Kinect V2 sensors
  • 2 Microsoft Kinect V1 sensors
  • Nvidia TX1 GPU
  • Nvidia TX2 GPU
  • Oculus Quest
  • one computational server
  • one high-end GPU computer
  • two standard workstations
  • several webcams and standard RGB cameras.


Core Science Facility
Memorial University of Newfoundland 
St. John's, NL