Editorial Services

Civil Engineering

  • Bing Chen
    • Editor-in-Chief, Environmental Systems Research, Springer
    • Associate Editor, Canadian Water Resources Journal, Taylor & Francis
    • Associate Editor, Journal of Environmental Informatics Letters, International Society for Environmental Information Sciences
  • Helen Zhang
    • Associate Editor, Canadian Journal of Civil Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Cheng Li
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Transactions on Communications
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Internet-of-Things Journal
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Network Magazine
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Systems Journal
  • Octavia A. Dobre
    • Editor-in-Chief, IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society 
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Systems Journal
    • Associate Editor, IEEE Vehicular Technology Magazine
  • Sarah Power
    • Associate Editor, Biomedical Engineering Online

Mechanical Engineering

  • Greg Naterer
    • Editor-in-Chief, AIAA Journal of Thermophysics and Heat Transfer

Ocean and Naval Architecture Engineering

  • Bruce Quinton
    • Associate Editor, Ships and Offshore Structures Journal, Taylor & Francis

Process Engineering

  • Salim Ahmed
    • Associate Editor, Control Engineering Practice
    • Member, Editorial Review Board, Process Safety Progress Online, Wiley