User Policy

Faculty, graduate students and external users have access to an array of OERC facilities. For research and outreach projects, priorities are generally given to graduate students and then external users. However, these may be adjusted case by case. Users should contact the Director of OERC at least three weeks before a new academic term starts.

External users will be typically charged a rate of $1,000 per day to use an OERC facility for outreach, research and commercial projects. A rate of $250 per hour will be applied for after-hour usage of the facility. The rates include technical support provided by experienced technicians. Note that the rate may vary depending on the complexity of a project. Users are encouraged to contact the Director of OERC for a final quotation.

A list of day rate for all the facilities is as follows:

• Towing Tank, $1,000/day
• Structures Lab, $1,000/day
• Process Safety Lab, $1,000/day
• Small Vessel Simulator, $1,000/day
• Cold Room, $500/day

Please contact the Director of OERC (Dr. David Molyneux, 709-864-3804) for scheduling and rates.