The goals of the Ocean Engineering Research Centre are to support the growth of ocean engineering research at Memorial University and facilitate the application of research and development work for our stakeholder community.

The OERC has leading expertise in the areas of engineering design for harsh environments, Arctic engineering, marine hydrodynamics, marine and offshore structures, offshore engineering and safety, autonomous ocean systems and ocean sensor technologies. The OERC researchers lead many large projects funded by the offshore industry, government agencies and national and international partners. Our research programs and projects cover a range of topics, such as structures for operations in ice, underwater vehicles, marine safety and fluid-structure interaction.

Examples of past and current projects are listed below:

Current Projects

Past Projects

  • Sustainable Technology for Polar Ships and Structures (STePS2)
  • Ice-class Marine Propellers
  • Iceberg Deterioration
  • Decision Support System for Produced Water Management in the Offshore Petroleum Industry 
  • ExpHAZOP+: Knowledge based expert system to conduct automated HAZOP for Oil and Gas Operation 
  • Methodology for Computer Aided Fuzzy Fault Tree Analysis
  • Underwater Vehicles for Produced Water Monitoring and Modeling 
  • Seabed Ice Gouging
  • Ocean Wave and Current Energy
  • Design of Two Multi-Species Fishing Vessels 
  • Simulator Technology for Offshore and Maritime Safety Training
  • Offshore Safety: Performance of Marine Evacuation Systems
  • Ocean Environmental Risk Engineering
  • Podded Propeller Performance 
  • Small Vessel Motion in Waves
  • Numerical Tools for Viscous Ship Flows
  • Vortex Induced Vibrations of Marine Risers
  • Wave Floating Body Interactions
  • Computation of Propeller Vortex Flow
  • Coupled Dynamic Analysis of Hull/Mooring Lines
  • Ocean and Arctic Structures
  • Ice and Icebergs