The University strategic frame work sets out the direction of research and innovation over a specific period. It is important to align your research with the strategic goal of the institution. Always review the strategic goals when preparing research proposals.

When in doubt on a specific process set out by the office of Research Grant and Contract Services (RGCS), review their policies for clarification.

Prior to submitting application to the engineering research office, complete the appropriate Faculty Approval form where applicable.

For assistance with the following services please contact Adedoyin Odukoya (aodukoya[at] 

  • NSERC Research Grants, CFI Grants, Research Chairs and MITACS applications
  • Pre-Contractual Issues in Contracts such as Non-Disclosures Agreements, Intellectual Property and Pre-contractual discussions on any industry related initiative
  • All non-provincial research grant applications including international initiatives

For assistance with the following services please contact Zia Ahmed 

  • All Provincial Grant Applications such as AIF/ACOA, ERINL and Department of Industry, Energy and Technology (DIET)
  • MUN Internal Grant Applications including Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Fund and Public Engagement Funds
  • Implementation of Post-award Agreement and Follow up on Progress, Reporting and Participation Agreements