Industrial Outreach

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 The Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science at Memorial University has recognized the need to work closely with industrial partners in order to maximize the relevance of its programs and to provide skilled personnel and technical support not normally available to businesses in Newfoundland.

The Industrial Outreach Group (IOG), which originated in the latter part of 1998, is the point of contact for outside businesses and organizations, large and small, to access the unique skills and facilities of the Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science. The IOG exists to strengthen the connection between industry and the academic community so that both may benefit from the exchange.

Contact Information

If you have a new idea that needs developing, an existing product that requires testing, or questions that need answering, you can reach us as follows:

Director, Industrial Outreach
Dr. Stephen Bruneau

Office: EN3007
Phone: 709-864-2119
Email: sbruneau[at]

Co-ordinator for Outreach Activities
Kathryn Hong
Office: EN3011
Phone: 709-864-3108
Email: khong[at]