Waste Biomass to Bioproducts


In our research lab, we develop processes to convert "low value" biomass processing and natural resource processing by-products (such as fish processing waste, forestry residues, mine tailings, and agricultural residues) to higher-value products such as biofuels, biomaterials (e.g. carbon capture and storage adsorbents), platform chemicals, nutritional supplements, and animal/fish feed. Our lab has the capacity to characterize the residues to better identify potential applications and determine the efficiencies and effectiveness of developed processes.

The research activities at our lab include:

  • Development of carbon capture and storage processes
  • Study of the capacity of biomass residues/products to remove metals and organics from wastewaters
  • Study of thermal stability of biomass residues and products (for storage and transport)
  • Enzymatic hydrolysis of fishery wastes to value-added products
  • Compositional and boiling point analysis of bio-oils
  • Pyrolysis of biomass residues to biochar and bio-oil


  • Dr. Kelly Hawboldt
    • Green Processing of Natural Resources
    • Biofuels
    • Natural Gas Processing
  • Dr. Yan Zhang
    • Energy
    • Green Engineering
    • Process System
    • Simulation
  • Dr. Faisal Khan
    • Green Engineering
    • Mineral Processing
    • Offshore and marine safety
    • Safety and Risk


  • BET Surface area analyzer
  • Gas adsorption
  • Membrane module
  • Thermal conversion lab-scale system
  • 4 kg/hr pyrolysis system
  • Rheometer
  • Biomass pretreatment equipment
  • Incubator
  • Advanced Distillation Characterization system


Bruneau Centre
Memorial University of Newfoundland 
St. John's, NL