Chairs & Awards

Researchers at FEAS have won many prestigious provincial, federal, and international awards. This grants and awards include but not limited to: Canada Foundation Innovation (CFI) awards, Infrastructure Operating Funds (IOF), NSERC discovery, NSERC Engage, NSERC Collaborative Research Development, Petroleum Research Newfoundland and Labrador, Atlantic Innovation Fund, Atlantic Canada Opportunity Agency, Research and Development Corporation, and Canada Research Chair program. FEAS has secured support for 6 industrial research chair awards and several internal awards offered at Memorial University. 

Canada Research Chairs (CRC)

Dr. Faisal Khan
Title: Offshore Safety and Risk Engineering 

Dr. Helen Zhang
Title: Coastal Environmental Engineering

Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) 

Dr. Jonathan Anderson
Title: Non-Expert security for embedded systems


Dr. Leonard Lye/Dr. Amgad Hussein
Title: Continuing Exploration of the process and factors affecting non-pressure treatment of lumber


Dr. Xili Duan
Title: Liquid Repellent Surfaces to lmprove Asset Intesritv and Safetv in Harsh Environments

Mitacs Accelerate

Dr. Bipul Hawlader
Title: Numerical modeling of interaction between soil and seabed infrastructure during submarine landslides

Mitacs Cluster

Dr. Steve Butt
Title: Research for Innovative Mining Methods

NSERC – Discovery Grant

Dr. Chen Bing
Title: Intelligent decision support for marine oil spill response in harsh environments

Dr. Noori Saady
Title: Investigating Low Temperature Dry Anaerobic Digestion of Nitrogen Rich Organic Feedstock

Dr. Hodjat Shiri
Title: Riser-Soil-Fluid Interactions for Steel Catenary Risers

Dr. Ashutosh Dhar
Title: Performance assessment of buried pipelines considering soil-structure interaction

Dr. Assem Hassan
Title: Structural Health Monitoring of Reinforced Concrete Structures with Advanced Concrete Mixtures

Dr. Baiyu Zhang
Title: Bio surfactants as Agents of Marine Oil Spill Response in the North: Production, Mechanism, Effectiveness and Impact

Dr. Bipul Hawlader
Title: Effects of Ground Movement on Oil and Gas Pipelines and Piles

Dr. Eric Gill
Title: Radio Wave Scattering from Rough Surfaces -- Theory and Application to Maritime Remote Sensing with HF and other Radar Technologies

Dr. Faisal Khan
Title: Safety and Risk Management in the New Generation of Digitalized Oil and Gas Operations in Harsh Environment

Dr. Kevin Pope
Title: Multiphase Processes with Phase Change in Energy Systems

Dr. Reza Shadidi
Title: Time-domain processing for ocean surface parameter extraction from HF-radar data and related applications

Dr. Rocky Taylor
Title: Compressive Ice Failure during Indentation with Temporally and Spatially Non-uniform Interface Conditions

Dr. Salim Ahmed
Title: Probabilistic predictive warning system for process operations

Dr. Octavia Dobre
Title: Non-Orthogonal Radio Access with Security Provisioning for Future Wireless Networks

Dr. Kelly Hawboldt
Title: Valorization of biomass residues to treat produced/natural gas

Dr. Syed Imtiaz
Title: A model predictive early warning system for disturbance type faults

Dr. Mohammad Iqbal
Title: Dynamic Modeling and Control of Hybrid Power Systems

Dr. Wei Qiu
Title: Ship Slamming in Waves

Dr. Lihong Zhang
Title: Machine-Learning-Driven Synthesis Methodologies for Analog and RF Integrated Circuits in Advanced Nanometer Technologies

Dr. Cheng Li
Title: Toward Future Internet-of-Underwater-Things (IoUT) through Intelligent Underwater Communications and Networking

Dr. Siu O’young
Title: Risk/Performance Trade-offs for Unmanned Aircraft Operations

Dr. John Quaicoe
Title: Toward Future Internet-of-Underwater-Things (IoUT) through Intelligent Underwater Communications and Networking

Dr. Oscar De Silva
Title: Multi Model State Estimator Design for Micro Aerial Vehicle Navigation Systems

Dr. Weimin Huang
Title: Further Investigation of Ocean Remote Sensing Using High-frequency and Microwave Radars

Dr. Lesley James
Title: The Role of Nanoparticles in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR)

Dr. Sohrab Zendehboudi
Title: Laboratory and Theoretical Determination of Asphaltene Precipitation/Deposition/Inhibition in Canadian Oil Reservoirs

Dr. Yahui Zhang
Title: Relationship between Chemical Structure and Adsorption Preference to Metal Ions of Chelating Resins and Their Applications in Removal of Iron from Copper Leach Solutions

Dr. Yan Zhang
Title: Development of advanced adsorptive separation technology for environmental and biopharmaceutical applications

Dr. Stephen Butt
Title: Investigation of drilling penetration mechanisms and early kick detection to improve drilling performance, efficiency and safety

Dr. Stephen Czarnuch
Title: Human motion tracking-by-detection using point cloud data from multiple depth sensors

Dr. Lorenzo Moro
Title: Development of a design procedure for the prediction of structure-borne noise generated by the reciprocating machines installed on board ships

Dr. Yuri Muzychka
Title: Heat Transfer and Fluid Flow in Micro and Mini Scale Devices

Dr. Bruce Quinton
Title: Effects of Moving Ice Loads on Damage to Hull Structures

Dr. Brian Veitch
Title: Experimental Investigation of Propeller Wake Wash

Dr. Sarah Power
Title: Task- and emotion-aware passive brain-computer interface for mental workload monitoring

Dr. Jonathan Anderson
Title: Tools and trade-offs for security adaptation

Dr. Samer Nakhla
Title: Composite Structures for Offshore and Harsh Environment Applications

Dr. Greg Naterer
Title: Heat Transfer in Dispersed Multiphase Flows with Droplets and Particles

Dr. Jianming Yang
Title: Random Vibration of an Internal Gear in Planetary Gear Trains Subjected to Sequential Moving Load

Dr. Ting Zou
Title: Mechanism Design and Control of Bio-inspired Inspection Robots

Dr. Mohammad Al Janaideh
Title: Precision Motion Stages for Enhancing the Performance of Lithography in Semiconductor Manufacturing

Dr. Geoff Rideout
Title: Dynamic Simulation of Drilling Vibrations for Design of Drill Strings and Downhole Tools

Dr. George Mann
Title: Coordination and Control of Ground-Aerial Robotic Systems

Dr. Ali Nasiri
Title: Welding Solutions Advancement of High-Strength Pipeline Steels

Dr. Joseph Daraio
Title: Standardized Storm Water Infrastructure Design and Planning Protocols for Capacity Limited Communities and Climate Change Uncertainty

Dr. Neil Bose
Title: Advancing Autonomous Underwater Vehicle Capability for Assessment of Marine Pollution

Dr. Xili Duan
Title: Multiphase Flow and Phase Change Heat Transfer with Innovative Functional Surfaces

NSERC – Collaborative Research and Development (CRD) Grant

Dr. Ashutosh Dhar
Title: Municipal water main infrastructure integrity management techniques

Dr. Geoff Rideout
Title: Modal impact testing for non-destructive evaluation of wood pole transmission lines

NSERC – Engage


Dr. Brian Veitch
Title: NSERC/Husky Energy Industrial Research Chair in Safety at Sea

Public Engagement Accelerator Fund

Kevin Pope
Title: Bubble Greenhouse Collaboration for Community Development and Food Security

RBC Harris Centre Water Research

Dr. Tahir Husain
Title: Low-Cost adsorbent for arsenc removal from rural water supply systems in Newfoundland and Labrador

Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation - Leverage R&D Program

Dr. Lihong Zhang
Title: Micro-Nano technology Infrastructure for Advanced Microelectronics Research  

Department of Tourism, Culture, Industry and Innovation SensorTECH

Dr. Cheng LI
Title: Underwater acoustic sensor networks for enbironment, seismic, and subsea assets monitorning 

Seed, Bridge and Multidisciplinary Fund 

Dr. Syed Imtiaz
Title: Design and optimization of combined hydro treating-oxidative desulfurization operation through experimental and stimulation studies

Dr. Sam Nakhla
Title: Engineering Solutions for Abdominal Aortic Aneurysms Diagnisis and Challenges

Dr. Xiaodong Liang
Title: Sensorless Temperature and Vibration Estimation for Induction Motors

Suncor Energy

Dr. John Shirokoff/Dr. Sam Nakhla
Title: H2S SMART Lab: Facilities & Research on H2S standards and materials 

Terra Nova Young Innovators

Dr. Xili Duan
Title: Direct wind thermal conversion and storage with Nanofluids

American Brueau of Shipping, Houston Texas

Dr. Bruce Quinton
Title: Operational capabilities of low-and non-ice-class vesseks in ice

Dr. David Molyneaux
Title: Ships design and operation for harsh environments