Robotics, Mechanical and Control Laboratory (RoMeCoLa)


The Robotics, Mechanical and Control Lab (RoMeCoLa) mainly focuses on the mechanism design and control of mechanical robotic systems, including biologically inspired robots, medical robots and artificial intelligence for robotic systems. Aiming at improving the human-machine interaction to advance the application of state-of-the-art robots, RoMeCoLa is devoting great efforts to develop sophisticated, low-cost and "cool" robots.

The ongoing project: a remotely haptic controlled medical robot for telenursing without exposure to Covid-19 virus, funded by NSERC Alliance Grant.


  • Dr. Ting Zou
    • Mechatronics
    • Intelligent systems
    • Nonlinear motion control


UFACTORY xArm 6 collaborative robot

Ufactory xArm 6 collaborative robot

  • degrees of freedom: 6
  • payload: 5 kg
  • reach: 700 mm
  • weight: 12.2 kg

Force Dimension Omega 7 haptic device

Force Dimension Omega 7 haptic device

  • Workspace
    • translation: ∅ 160 x 110 mm
    • rotation: 240 x 140 x 320 deg
    • gripper: 25 mm
  • Forces
    • translation: 12 N
    • rotation: not actuated
    • gripper: 8N
  • Resolution
    • translation:
    • rotation: 0.09 deg
    • gripper: 0.006 mm


EN 1010,
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science,
Memorial University of Newfoundland, 
St. John's, NL