Material and Asset Integrity Laboratory (MAIL)



Material and Asset Integrity Lab (MAIL) together with the Composites Manufacturing Facility (CMF) they house equipment and technology resources of Mechanics of Materials activities. Both facilities provide the necessary tools to the GLAS research team and its activities in the general area of solid mechanics.

Activities cover design and failure analysis of composite and metallic structures with applications in

  • aircraft airframe and composite morphing wings
  • oil and gas
  • space structures and metals
  • medical devices
  • ship structures
  • additive manufacturing

Research Highlights

GLAS research team introduced design method of composite morphing wing and new accurate damage models for brittle and ductile materials. They also established highlighted research on extending Ramberg-Osgood relationship to describe elastoplastic behavior of medical devices manufactured using additive manufacturing technologies. Additionally, they introduced generalized atomistic methodologies to predict material degradation in harsh environment for oil and gas as well as in extreme environment for space applications. Moreover for aircraft structure and ship superstructure, they created a design method based on failure modes of sandwich structures. Furthermore, they developed new methodology for accurate and cost-effective testing of large aircraft composite structure as well as designed oil dispersant system for fixed wing aerial platform. Collaboration with the Faculty of Medicine at Memorial focused on craniofacial reconstruction, prosthetic foot assessment and design as well as ageing and rupture prediction of aortic aneurysm.


  • Dr. Sam Nakhla (Director of GLAS, Principal Investigator)
    • Material degradation and failure analyses for the prediction of remaining life with a focus on their applications in aerospace, mechanical and biomedical engineering


Instron Load Frame E10000

Video Extensometer, full-field strain measurements and Environmental chamber

Proof Rings (H2S and CO2 environment)

Exhaust Gas Neutralization Tanks and High Temperature Autoclaves

Wilson Hardness Rockwell tester and Nikon Eclipse Microscope

Scanning electron microscope and Vacuum coater

Environmental chamber

salt-spray chamber


MAIL (EN 1022) and CMF (EN 1020-J)
Faculty of Engineering and Applied Science
Memorial University of Newfoundland
St. John's, NL