Forms - Laboratory Waiver

In cases where a student re-takes a Chemistry course, they may be eligible to skip the laboratory ("lab") portion of the course. A student may apply for an exemption from the lab section using the lab waiver application form.

Students are not required to repeat the lab portion of the course, if the following criteria are satisfied:

  1. Labs were completed on-campus / in-person (virtual labs do not qualify);
  2. All labs were completed (including handing in completed reports) within the most recent six semesters / the past two years;
  3. There were no unexcused absences; and
  4. A lab mark of 65% or higher was acheived.

If a student is successful in applying for a waiver, they will be informed by the Academic Program Officer, and will be directed to register for the specific Lecture-Only / Non-Lab Section of their course.

Please Note:

  • Waivers are only valid for the term in which they are given.
  • First year students who have been granted a waiver are still required to attend tutorials at the scheduled times (and they begin at the start of term!).
  • If a student has taken CHEM 1050 and wishes to register for CHEM 1010, a Lab Waiver may be submitted to skip the lab portion of 1010.
  • Students granted a lab waiver must register for the lecture-only section of the course. If you are currently registered in a lab section, failure to drop the lab section will mean that you are expected to complete the labs.
  • CONA transfer students should ask their instructor to email their laboratory marks directly to the Chemistry Department (email to the Chemistry Academic Program Officer,
  • The University's Single Email Policy states that your official MUN email address should be used for communication in official university matters. Therefore, this form requires the use of your MUN email address. Use of any other email address may lead to your waiver request being redirected by our spam filters. In that event, we cannot guarantee that your waiver application will be processed.

Application deadlines:

Fall 2023 - Tuesday, Sept. 19

Lab waiver application form