Dr. Hai Van Nguyen

Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) in Health Policy Evaluation and Health Care Sustainability

Curriculum Vitae

Dr. Nguyen is a health economist. He joined the School of Pharmacy at Memorial University of Newfoundland in September 2016. Previously, Dr. Nguyen was an Assistant Professor in Health Services and Systems Research Program at Duke NUS Medical School and a Postdoctoral Fellow in the Faculty of Pharmacy at University of Toronto. Dr. Nguyen obtained his Ph.D. in Economics specializing in Health Economics from Concordia University in 2009 after completing his Master’s degree in Economics from University of Cambridge. Dr. Nguyen has published in leading health economics, public health and medical journals and is actively involved in policy consultancy. His research is currently supported by a Canada Research Chair (Tier 2) Award and a CIHR New Investigator Grant, among others. He is on the Editorial Board of Respirology, the official journal of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology.

Research Areas of Interest:

Policy evaluation; health behaviors; economic evaluation

Teaching Areas of Interest:

Economic evaluation; health econometrics; health economics; policy evaluation

Current Projects:

Dr. Nguyen is currently evaluating the impacts of several policy interventions targeted at health behaviors and substance use, including:

• Ban on Menthol Flavor in Tobacco Products

• Minimum Legal Age for E-Cigarette Use

• Tobacco Graphic Health Warnings

• Ban on Smoking Combustible and E-Cigarettes in Cars

• Marijuana Legalization

• Fitness Tax Credits

He is also leading several projects assessing cost effectiveness of health care interventions, with a focus on the domains of genetic testing and weight loss interventions.

Selected Publications:

Carpenter CS, Nguyen HV. Intended and Unintended Effects of Banning Menthol Cigarettes. Journal of Law and Economics (Accepted).

Nguyen HV. (2019). Association of Canada’s Provincial Bans on Electronic Cigarette Sales to Minors with Electronic Cigarette Use Among Youths. JAMA Pediatrics, 174(1):e193912. (Recipient of CIHR’s IHSPR Article of the Year 2020)

Mital S*, Nguyen HV. (2019). Incremental Cost-Effectiveness of Aspiration Therapy versus Bariatric Surgery and No Treatment for Morbid Obesity. American Journal of Gastroenterology; 114(9):1470–1477 (* indicate student).

Nguyen HV, Bose S, Mital S, Ang AYC, Ang SY, Lam SW, Devanand A, Finkelstein EA, Koh MS. (2017) Is Bronchial Thermoplasty Cost-Effective As Treatment For Problematic Asthma Patients? Singapore's Perspective on a Global Model. Respirology; 22(6):1102-1109. (Recipient of 2018 Fukuchi Award for Best Original Research Paper published in Respirology).

Nguyen HV, Finkelstein EA, Mital S, Gardner DS. Incremental Cost-Effectiveness of Algorithm-Driven Genetic Testing Versus no Testing for Maturity Onset Diabetes of the Young (MODY) in Singapore. Journal of Medical Genetics. 2017; Epub ahead of print.

Nguyen HV, Tan GS, Tapp RJ, Mital S, Ting D, Wong HT, Tan C, Laude A, Tai ES, Tan NC, Finkelstein EA, Wong TY, Lamoureux EL. Cost Effectiveness of A National Telemedicine Diabetic Retinopathy Screening Program in Singapore. Ophthalmology. 2016; 123(12):2571-2580

Carpenter CS, Nguyen HV. Effects of a Driver Cellphone Ban on Overall, Handheld, and Hands-Free Cellphone Use While Driving: New Evidence from Canada. Health Economics. 2015; 24(11): 1452-1467.

Nguyen HV, Grootendorst P. Intended and Unintended Effects of Restrictions on the Sale of Cigarillos to Youth: Evidence from Canada. Tobacco Control. 2014; 24(4): 382–388.

Nguyen HV. Do Smoke-Free Car Laws Work? Evidence from a Quasi-Experiment. Journal of Health Economics. 2013; 32(1): 138-148.

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