Dr. Shawn Bugden


Dr. Shawn Bugden

Dr. Bugden trained as a pharmacist and completed post-graduate work at the University of Manitoba, with additional post-graduate studies at the University of Washington and the University of Oxford. For over a decade, he worked in hospital pharmacy management with a special interest in pharmacy practice in rural and remote Canada, where he has worked in both the hospital and community sectors. His research is focused on the optimal use of medications. His work in evidence-based medicine and pharmacoepidemiology helps clinicians make the best possible decisions on medication use.

Research Areas of Interest: Pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, drug utilization, medication safety, opioid stewardship, health policy, pharmacy practice.

Teaching Areas of Interest: Pharmacoepidemiology, pharmacoeconomics, biostatistics, critical appraisal, evidence-based medicine.

Current Projects:

• Signal and Noise: Association of medication use and dementia • Opioid utilization and stewardship
• Oral cancer therapy and community pharmacy
• Prevention of osteoporosis high risk groups
• Over-diagnosis and over-treatment (diabetes, COPD)

Selected Awards:

2018 Honorary Life Member, College of Pharmacists of Manitoba
2017 Outstanding Teacher 3rd Year, College of Pharmacy, University of Manitoba
2016 Merit Award, University of Manitoba
2015 Pharmacist of the Year, College of Pharmacists of Manitoba
2010 Centennial Award, College of Pharmacist of Manitoba 2009 Award of Merit, Pharmacists Manitoba

Selected Publications:

Falk J, Dahl M, Raymond C, Chateau D, Katz A, Leong C, Bugden S. 2017. Opioid Use During Pregnancy: A population-based cohort study. CMAJ Open. 5(2): E517-E523.

Friesen KJ, Chateau D, Falk J, Alessi-Severini S, Bugden S. 2017. Cost of shingles: population based burden of disease analysis of herpes zoster and postherpetic neuralgia. BMC Infect Dis. 17(1):69.

Friesen K, Woelk C, Bugden S. 2016. Safety of fentanyl initiation according to past opioid exposure among patients newly prescribed fentanyl patches. Canadian Medical Association Journal. 188(9):648-653.

Serwylo O, Friesen K, Falk J, Bugden S. 2016. Opportunity Cost and Policy: A Utilization Review of Self-Monitoring of Blood Glucose in Manitoba, Canada. Clinical Therapeutics. 38(4):929-935.

E-mail: shawn.bugden@mun.ca
Tel: (709) 864-4400