Dr. Debbie Kelly

Professor and Special Advisor, Practice Innovation
Director, Medication Therapy Services Clinic (MTS Clinic)
Cross-appointment, Faculty of Medicine
Joint-appointment, Eastern Health (Provincial HIV program)

Dr. Kelly is wearing a claret coloured top and is standing in front of windows in the medical school atrium.

Dr. Kelly received her bachelor of science (pharmacy) from Memorial University in 1996, her Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP) Accredited Hospital Pharmacy Residency in 1997 from the Queen Elizabeth II Health Science Centre in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and her Doctor of Pharmacy from the University of Toronto in May 1999. In 2012, Dr. Kelly was named a Fellow of the Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists (CSHP). She is credentialed with the American Academy of HIV Medicine as an AAHIVP (HIV Expert/Specialist Pharmacist).

Research areas of interest: 

  • Pharmacist testing for HIV/STBBIs (point-of-care testing)
  • HIV care
  • Polypharmacy and Deprescribing
  • Pharmacist scope of practice
  • Collaborative Practice

Teaching areas of interest:

  • HIV
  • Viral hepatitis
  • Deprescribing
  • COVID 19
  • Ambulatory Cardiology topics

Current projects:

  1. APPROACH 2.0: Pharmacist testing for HIV, Hepatitis C and Syphilis (funded by CIHR)

  2. Evaluating patient outcomes of comprehensive medication assessments by pharmacists (funded by Canadian Foundation for Pharmacy)

  3. Can comprehensive medication reviews help reduce the financial burden of medications for seniors in Newfoundland and Labrador? (funded by ARC-NL)

  4. Characterizing the Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment process using the Functional Resonance Analysis Method: A case study of collaborative care for frail older adults (funded by ARC-NL)

  5. SaferMedsNL (www.SaferMedsNL.ca) (funded by Department of Health and Community Services, Government of NL)

  6. Canadian HIV Observational Cohort (http://www.canoc.ca) (funded by CIHR)

Selected awards:

  • 2020 CNIE 2020 Award of Merit for the Award of Excellence in Instructional Design in Higher Education

  • 2019 Winning Poster PxP conference: Kelly DV, Pittman N, Balsom C, Bugden S. The Medication Therapy Services Clinic: A preliminary analysis of services and uptake

  • 2012 Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board Past Chair Award Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board

  • 2010 Alfred G. Dawe Distinguished Service Award Canadian Society of Hospital Pharmacists - NL Branch

  • 2010 Top 100 Notable Pharmacists (1910-2010) Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board

  • 2010 BMS Award - Excellence in Pharmaceutical Teaching Bristol Myers Squibb and Memorial University of Newfoundland

  • 2009 J. Frank Janes Meritorious Service Award Pharmacists' Association of Newfoundland and Labrador

Selected publications:

  1. Kelly DV, Pittman N, Balsom C, Clarke A, Genge T, Jesso B, Kielly J, Phillips L. (2021). Establishing the Medication Therapy Services Clinic: goals, challenges and future directions. Canadian Pharmacists' Journal

  2. C Balsom, N Pittman, R King, DV Kelly. (2020). Impact of a pharmacist-administered deprescribing intervention on nursing home residents: a randomized controlled trial. International Journal of Clinical Pharmacy. 42(4): 1153-1167.

  3. Kelly DV, Kielly J, Hughes C, Gahagan J, Asghari S, Hancock S, Burt K, Smyczek P, Charlton C, Nguyen H. (2020). Expanding access to HIV testing through Canadian community pharmacies: findings from the APPROACH study. BMC Public Health. 20(639)

  4. Davis E, Braha R, McAlorum S, Kelly DV. (2019). A brief history of pharmacy admissions in North America. CPJ. 5: 0-0.

  5. Kielly J, Kelly DV, Hughes C, Day K, Hancock S, Asghari S, Gahagan J, Marra C, Nguyen HV. (2018). Adaptation of POCT for Pharmacies to Reduce risk and Optimize Access to Care in HIV, the APPROACH study: examining acceptability and feasibility. Pilot and Feasibility Studies. 4(59): 1-10.

  6. Bader M, Brooks A, Kelly DV, Srigley JA. (2017). Postexposure Management in Infectious Diseases. Cleveland Clin J Med. 84(1): 65-80.

  7. Kielly J, Kelly DV, Asghari S, Burt K, Biggin J. (2017). Patient Satisfaction with Chronic HIV Care provided through an Innovative Pharmacist and Nurse-Managed Clinic & a Multidisciplinary Clinic. Canadian Pharmacists Journal. 150(6): 397-406.

  8. Bader M, Dow G, Yi Y, Howley C, Beeso E, Mugford G, Kelly DV. (2017). Prevalence and clinical characteristics of Gastroesophageal reflux disease in HIV-infected adults. Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. 25(1): 29-32.

Book chapters:

  1. Kelly DV. (2020). Prevention of HIV Infection. In Therapeutics (RxTx) [Internet]. Ottawa (ON): Canadian Pharmacists Association [updated September 2020]

  2. Kelly DV, Antoniou T. (2018). Sexually Transmitted Infections. In Schafer JJ, Cocohoba J, Sherman E, Tseng A. HIV Pharmacotherapy 2018: The Pharmacist’s Role in Care and Treatment. Maryland: American Society of Health-System Pharmacists.


Dr. Debbie Kelly
(709) 864-7805