Admissions Process

Admission to the program is NOT direct entry from high school.

Applicants must complete 10 specific pre-requisite courses (or their equivalent) prior to being eligible for admission.

Once an application is recieved, an Academic Score is determined for each candidate as follows:

  • the average of the 10 required pre-requisite courses is calculated
  • the average of the 20 most recently completed post-secondary courses is calculated (or less than 20 courses whatever the case may be)
  • the sum of the above two averages is then divided by two

The 20 (or less) courses taken into account will be those completed as of the end of the fall semester prior to the September in which admission is sought.

If any of the 10 pre-requisite courses are being taken in the winter semester before September admission, those final grades will be used to determine the 10 course pre-requisite average. Only the highest grade of each course attempt will be used in the calculation.

Applicants with an Academic Score of less than 70% are not eligible to advance to the interview stage.

1.  NEW this year as a pilot:CASPer- All applicants are required to complete an on-line assessment (CASPer) to assist with our selection process. CASPer is a tool designed to assess personal and professional characteristics. Successful completion of CASPer is mandatory to maintain admission eligibility. The last date on which the CASPer assessment can be taken is Feb. 18, 2020. For more information go to CASPer.

Based on an individual's Academic Score and CASPer score, a selection of candidates will be invited to a face to face interview. 

2. Up-date: The Face to Face Interview will NOT be held in May 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic situation – The interview will be with a panel of three people. It will consist of an oral and written component each consisting of behavioral type questions. Behavioral type interview questions asks applicants to talk about an experience from their past. For example, tell us about a time when you had to solve a challenging problem.

The written component consists of multiple choice questions and possibly a short essay question. Oral and written interview responses are assessed resulting in an Interview Score.

Offers of Admission
An Admission Score is calculated for each applicant as follows:
Academic Score component = 65% + Interview Score component = 35%.

Admission scores for applicants are ranked highest to lowest in each pool of applicants. Normally, 35 seats are offered to residents of Newfoundland and Labrador and the remaining five to non-Newfoundland applicants . Within the 35 seats allocation, one seat is reserved for an eligible applicant of Aboriginal ancestry from Newfoundland & Labrador.  

The Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page offers more detailed information.

If you have questions, please contact us at or (709) 864-2077.


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