Clinic Services

The MTS Clinic offers a variety of patient services in our private clinic, and we can also provide specialized pharmacist services for groups in the community, such as workplace health visits or patient/special interest groups.

In our clinic, we provide comprehensive and in-depth medication therapy assessments for patients. Patients can be referred to the MTS Clinic by any healthcare provider (see referral form) or also can self-refer (referral form). Upon referral you may request a general, comprehensive medication therapy assessment or a specific issue or concern that you would like the pharmacist to assess and provide advice for management options.

Common reasons for referral to the MTS Clinic include:

• Comprehensive medication therapy assessments to determine effectiveness, tolerability and necessity of current medication therapies

• Options to simplify medication therapy regimens

• Medication adherence assessment and education for patients

• Recommendations to optimize the management of chronic disease or symptoms

• Assessment and management of suspected adverse drug reactions or drug interactions

In addition, we offer a variety of specialty services including a comprehensive smoking cessation program, consultative services for medication tapering, injection services, and others. If you have need for a pharmacist service that is not listed, feel free to contact us to see if we can be of help.

What kinds of patients may benefit from a medication therapy assessment?

• Those with multiple chronic or challenging medical conditions

• Those with complex medication regimens or who are taking many medications

• Those who may be experiencing adverse effects of medications or at risk of complex drug interactions

• Those who need help tapering or changing medications

• Those who have been recently discharged from hospital, or who have otherwise had significant changes to their medication regimen

How can MTS Clinic services support the primary care that patients currently receive?

The MTS Clinic offers in-depth specialized pharmacist consultations that are not routinely available in this province. We do not dispense medications or provide the same services that community pharmacists provide. Rather, our clinic pharmacists work closely with physicians, community pharmacists and patients to solve complex medication-related issues and ensure patients receive the best outcomes possible from their medication therapy.

Specifically, the MTS Clinic services offer the following benefits to patients and primary care providers:

• Our pharmacist assessments will provide information pertaining to patients’ actual medication-taking issues and behaviours at home, and we provide advice on how to manage medication-related challenges to improve adherence and patient health outcomes

• Referring physicians will receive a comprehensive and complete list of medications, supplements, and other products the patient is taking, with advice on any interacting or safety concerns

• Physicians and patients will receive support and advice on managing drug interactions and adverse effects of therapy, and how to get the best benefit from their medications

• Physicians receive a succinct summary of recommendations designed to optimize patients’ medication therapy following the pharmacist’s comprehensive assessment and research. Note that all recommendations to the physician are just that – recommendations – for their consideration. We will work together to adapt care plans as necessary, implement medications changes, and follow up with patients to ensure outcomes are met.