Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE)

PHAR 508P Pharmacy Practice Experience IV is a primer to the Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience (APPE) courses. It takes place during the Winter Semester of Year 4 and requires two weeks (80 hours) of practice experience in a hospital patient care setting.

Pharmacy 508P Manual
Pharmacy 508P Preceptor’s Evaluation of Student Form

The Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experiences (APPEs) take place in the Final Year of the program. Students are required to complete four practice experience courses totaling 30 weeks of advanced experiential learning, in the time period between May following Year 4 and April of Year 5. 

PHAR 605P Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience V requires eight weeks (320 hours) of practice experience in any pharmacy setting where pharmacist care is provided to patients.

PHAR 606P Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VI requires eight weeks (320 hours) of pharmacy practice experience in an acute care hospital setting.

PHAR 607P Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VII requires eight weeks (320 hours) of practice experience in a community pharmacy, where students will provide patient care by applying expanded scope of practice skills.

PHAR 608P Advanced Pharmacy Practice Experience VIII requires six weeks (240 hours) of practice experience which may occur in either a direct or non-direct patient care setting.

APPE Manual
Preceptor's Evaluation of Student (APPE-Direct Patient Care)
Preceptor’s Evaluation of Student (APPE-Non-direct Patient Care)


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