For Physicians

The Medication Therapy Services (MTS) Clinic offers pharmacist-delivered, referral-based medication assessments for patients with complex medication-related needs. The clinic provides access to services which do not currently exist, namely comprehensive medication reviews designed to identify problems they are experiencing with their medication therapy.

The clinic does not replicate services already being provided by physicians, but provides comprehensive medication assessments for patients with complex medication-related needs using a collaborative approach with family physicians, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals within the patient's circle of care.

What kinds of patients benefit?

  • Those with multiple chronic medical conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure or cardiac issues
  • Those with complex medication regimes or who are taking numerous medications
  • Those who are at risk for complex drug interactions
  • Those who are experiencing adverse effects of medication therapy
  • Those who have been recently released from hospital

How can physicians benefit?

  • Save time sorting through patients' medication therapies, in particular for new patients with complex histories
  • Receive support and advice on managing drug interactions and adverse effects of therapy
  • Receive a succinct summary of recommendations following an in-depth assessment to consider to optimize their patients' medication therapy
  • Receive information pertaining to patients' actual medication-taking behaviours at home and advice on how to manage any medication-related challenges the patient may be experiencing


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