The Med Thread

The Med Thread
From opium poppies to sleeping pills, from sucking to infusing, from insomnia, anemia, auto immune diseases and beyond - we discuss the threads that led to current trends and research in medication therapy. Listen to The Med Thread monthly, as we sew a patchwork quilt with squares of history, mythology, research, sciences and technological advances. The show is produced at CHMR studios in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador.

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Mike Chong and Cathy Balsom (co-hosts)

Mike Chong
Drug Information Pharmacist at the School of Pharmacy and drug history enthusiast! Answering questions about medications, treatments and all drug-related curiosities from health care professionals across the province!  

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Dr. Cathy Balsom
Clinical Pharmacist at the Medication Therapy Services Clinic and self-acclaimed trivia fact connoisseur. Provider of medication advice, smoking cessation counsellor and deprescribing advocacy through the MTS Clinic and community pharmacy!
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*New* Episode 5 - Stimulants - ADHD or... Study Aid?

Full transcript and references
Helpful links:

MUN Student Support

Canadian Public Health Association: Students and Study Drugs

Canadian Centre on Substance Use and Addiction: Publications

Episode 6 - PPIs and Stomach Acid
Coming in October!

Episode 1 - Insomnia: You're Getting Sleepy

Full transcript and references
Helpful links:

Real-world use: CCSA sedative summary (2017)

Towards Optimized Practice (TOP) - Adult Insomnia

Centre for Effective Practice - Chronic Insomnia Tool

Merck Manual (1899): List of insomnia treatments, see Transcript Page 4

Episode 2 - Anemia: Why am I so tired?

Full transcript and references
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Dieticians of Canada: Iron

Dieticians of Canada: B-vitamins

Health Canada: Understanding Food Labels

Canadian Food Inspection Agency: Foods to Which Vitamins, Mineral Nutrients and Amino Acids May or Must be Added

Episode 3 - Cannabis: Clinical and Cultural Connections

Full transcript and references
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National Cannabis Survey

Health Canada: Cannabis in Canada

Episode 4 - Biologics: Medicines From Life

Full transcript and references
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Health Canada Fact Sheet: Biosimilars

The Conversation: Biologics: The pricey drugs transforming medicine

Medical Disclaimer: While all presented information is checked to the best of our knowledge, the podcast and transcripts are not intended as a substitute for medical advice, diagnosis and treatment. Nor are they endorsements for any specific product or therapy. Please consult appropriate healthcare professionals for any medical issues.


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