Deprescribing Program

The MTS Clinic is pleased to launch our new Deprescribing Program! This program is intended to help people safely discontinue medications that they no longer need, or which may no longer be of benefit or may even be causing harm.

We accept both healthcare provider referrals as well as patient self referrals. Simply complete our referral form and fax it to our clinic.  If you do not have access to a fax machine please call our clinic at 864-2274 to book an appointment.

The program involves meeting with our pharmacist at a private appointment in our clinic, where you will discuss your health goals, and all of your medications, and why you are taking each one. After your clinic visit, the pharmacist will complete an assessment to determine whether any of your medications may be causing unwanted effects or are no longer necessary.

Some reasons why stopping medications is a good idea can include:

• The medical condition for which you started taking the condition is now controlled or is no longer an issue

• You may have started a new medication that makes one of your older medications not work as well or cause problems

• The dosage or medication itself may have been a good choice when you were first started on it, but as you get older and your body changes, it may cause more harm than good

• Over time, some medications become less effective so you no longer benefit from taking them

• Sometimes there are safer, simpler, cheaper or more effective therapies available

If you and the pharmacist decide that any of your medications are no longer required, the pharmacist will send a letter to your doctor with a recommendation on how to safely stop the medication. After you discuss this plan with your doctor, the clinic pharmacist will help you stop your medications according to the plan.

Important - You should never stop taking medication on your own, without discussing it first with your doctor and/or pharmacist. Some medications can cause serious problems if you stop them suddenly and sometimes it is not a good idea to stop certain medications. Your pharmacist can help develop a safe, effective plan to discontinue any medications that are no longer necessary.

For more information, please visit the Canadian Deprescribing Network website.


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