Pledge of Professionalism

As a pharmacy student and a member of the pharmacy community, I believe there is a need to develop a professional identity built on integrity, ethical behaviour, and honour. This process begins with my enrollment at the School of Pharmacy and forms the basis for a successful education and entry into professional practice.

Integrity will be an essential part of my every day life and I will pursue all my personal, educational and professional endeavours with honesty and commitment. As a member of the pharmacy community, I am an ambassador for all other members and I will work to ensure that my actions uphold the integrity and prestige of other members and of the profession.

To accomplish this goal of professional development, as a pharmacy student:

I will ACCEPT responsibility for my education and become an independent and active learner.

I will PURSUE professional competency through self-directed and continual learning during my education and career.

I will ADOPT professional and ethical behaviour within the University and in practice settings.

I will DEVELOP a sense of loyalty and duty to the profession by contributing to the well-being of others and by accepting the responsibility for membership in the profession.

I will UPHOLD the profession of pharmacy with respect and pride. I will speak respectfully of the profession and strive to promote the positive contribution the profession can make to patients' care amongst my professional peers, within the university community and to society.

I will STRIVE for high ideals, cooperation and harmony amongst my classmates, faculty and staff and professional colleagues within the university community and the profession.

I will SUPPORT my colleagues by actively encouraging personal commitment to the Code of Ethics of the Newfoundland and Labrador Pharmacy Board and to this Pledge of Professionalism.

I will MAINTAIN the highest ideals and attributes to encourage positive rapport and trust in relationships in the provision of pharmaceutical care. 

The profession of pharmacy is one that demands high ethical standards. High ideals are necessary to ensure the quality of care extended to patients. I will strive to uphold these standards as I advance through my undergraduate education at Memorial University towards full membership within the profession of pharmacy.

I voluntarily make this Pledge.



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