Frequently Asked Questions

I am covered by the Foreign Health, what impact does COVID-19 have on my insurance?

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1.Why do I need MUNSU/GSU insurance in addition to MCP?

There are certain healthcare-related costs that MCP does not cover; an exhaustive list can be found at this website, but the most salient one on the list would be prescription drugs.

The MUNSU/GSU plan, provided by Green Shield Canada, acts as supplementary coverage to MCP, covering most of what it does not. In comparison, the Foreign Health Insurance plan only covers serious medical emergencies, and not day-to-day healthcare costs. Plus, MUNSU/GSU coverage is 100 dollars cheaper than Foreign Health, so if you’re covered by MCP, it is highly recommended to opt out from Foreign Health and transfer to MUNSU/GSU plan.

2. What is covered under the different components of health insurance (MCP/MUNSU/GSU/Foreign Health?)

Under MCP, you will be covered for:
- Doctor’s visits
- Surgical, diagnostic and therapeutic procedures
- Pre- and post-operative care
- Maternal care
- Radiology services
- Certain in-hospital dental surgeries

For an exhaustive list, please see here

Under MUNSU/GSU, you will be covered for:
- Prescription Drugs
- Hearing Care
- Medical Items and Services
- Emergency Transportation (Ambulance)
- Professional Services (Therapists, etc.)
- Accidental Dental
- Vision Care
Note: there is a monetary limit on the expenses you may claim through your MUNSU/GSU plan. For more details please refer to your detailed benefits booklet at:

Under Foreign Health, you will be covered for:
- Expenses associated with medical emergencies which take place after coverage begins ONLY

For an exhaustive list, please input your Policy Number at:

3. How do I add dependents to my insurance?

Dependents of an MCP-eligible student should accompany them to the MCP office at 45 Majors Path and present appropriate immigration documentation (i.e. confirmation of their dependent relationship with the said student).

MUNSU/GSU policyholders must opt-in their dependents and purchase additional coverage for them through:

Foreign Health Insurance policy holders should visit the Internationalization Office to enrol their dependents.

4. Can I renew my MCP coverage if my study permit is valid for less than 12 months?
Pursuant to MCP regulations, the initial study permit submitted to register for MCP must be valid for more than 12 months. If you remain a full-time student in good standing at Memorial beyond the date your IRCC Study Permit expires, you MUST renew your Study Permit. If  you do not have your renewed study permit back before your MCP expires, apply for MCP extension based on evidence you have applied to extend your study permit plus an updated enrollment letter proving full time student status. Proof of study permit extension includes the Confirmation of Submission letter from IRCC and a copy of your payment receipt. An updated Enrollment Verification can be requested from Memorial Self-Service.

5. How do I obtain regular dental check-up coverage if I am enrolled in Foreign Health?
You must obtain supplementary private insurance and pay for it yourself. You have several choices in this matter, which include a plan from Green Shield Canada (the same provider of the more comprehensive MUNSU/GSU plan). Note, graduate students are automatically charged and enrolled in GSU dental coverage unless they are eligible to opt out. 

6. What’s the difference between MCP, MUNSU, GSU and
The Medical Care Plan is the provincial healthcare plan (yes, it is part of Canada’s famed Medicare system). It is available to all FULL-TIME international students with a valid study permit on a program lasting more than one year, and is renewable annually. It covers doctor’s visits, surgeries, etc., with a full list of insured services to be found here

The MUNSU plan, underwritten by Green Shield Canada, is meant to be supplementary coverage to MCP (hence why you can only get it IF you are an MCP cardholder). It covers the things MCP doesn’t, like prescription drugs and other such things. For a full list of benefits, please see here

The GSU plan is also underwritten by Green Shield Canada. It offers supplementary coverage to MCP, just like MUNSU, and with similar benefits, except this plan is offered exclusively to graduate students. For a full list of benefits, please see here
Foreign Health Insurance, provided by, is available for students who are not full-time and/or do not possess a study permit. It does not cover the full gamut of services provided by MCP and MUNSU. Usually, it will only cover medical emergencies, so make sure you have supplementary coverage from elsewhere if you need to see a doctor on the regular! An explanatory video can be found here

(Note: all international students are eligible for FHI, but if you qualify, it is recommended to enroll for MCP and MUNSU/GSU).

7. How do I access my account, submit claims and receive refunds?
If you are on the MUNSU or GSU plans, your insurance provider is Green Shield Canada. You’ll need to set up an account with them on their portal: For MUNSU plan members, your ID is MUN[Student ID]-00. For GSU plan members, your ID is GSU[Student ID]-00. Follow all the steps to register. After you’re registered, simply log on and submit a claim. If you are attempting to claim a prescription drug benefit through MUNSU or GSU, just show your GSC membership card to the pharmacy. If you don’t have one, you can print it through the portal once you’re registered!)

Submitting a claim to is simpler: you’ll need to have your Policy or Certificate Number and Date of Birth handy, and input them here. will require scanned receipts and medical records, so don’t forget about them! You don’t need an account, but it is highly advisable that you create one on the website so as to be able to manage all your claims.

8. When does coverage start? And how do I know/make sure that I am enrolled?
For international students, MCP coverage typically begins on the day MCP approves your application for coverage. Go to MCP at 45 Majors Path and bring all the necessary documentation with you, and they’ll issue you a card good for up to one year, renewable as long as you are a FULL-TIME student in good standing. Note the number in a safe place; you will need it if you lose your card!
You will then need to bring your MCP card to the Internationalization Office, and complete a Waiver of Participation in Foreign Health Insurance there. Initial MUNSU/GSU coverage will begin a bit later than MCP, as it will take some time for them to upload your details to Green Shield Canada, but continuing students should be fine as long they remain eligible for MCP. You are welcome to approach MUNSU at the University Centre for more information. coverage should begin as soon as you obtain a Policy/Certificate Number from the Internationalization Office, sent to your e-mail. Please approach the Health Insurance Advisor at IO if you have yet to receive one.


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