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As a student parent, so much of what you do is fueled by your commitment to and love for your child(ren). To succeed in your academic career, you will need the peace of mind that your child is always in a safe space, with people who care for them as well as you would. Child care programs and services allow parents to fully attend to their responsibilities, while trained professionals care for and supervise their child(ren). You may choose any child care service provider that supports your family’s needs, and you will find options both on-campus and off. If you still have more questions after reviewing this page, please make an appointment with the family advisor by filling out this form (Please note that the form is currently unavailable. Please check back soon for an update). 

What are the different types of child care options in Newfoundland?

How do I search all the child care options in Newfounland?

What are the options for on and off campus child care?

What is the cost of child care in Newfoundland? 

Am I eligible for Child Care Services Subsidy Program?

Types of Child Care

There are two different kinds of childcare facilities here in Newfoundland. One is the centre-based childcare and the other is family childcare.

  1. Child Care Centres: At centre-based care facilities, children are taken care of in a designated childcare centre which is regulated by the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador.
  2. Family Child Care: In the family childcare, children are brought in to a caregiver’s home. Family childcare can be either regulated or unregulated.

Early Learning and Child Care Directory

Newfoundland and Labrador’s Education and Early Childhood Development Department maintains a searchable, map-based database of all the regulated child care services in the province. The registry includes both the child care centres and family home child care listings. We recommend you research several daycare facilities to compare the services and fees.

For more information click here.

On and Off Campus Child Care Options 

Off-Campus Childcare: If you opt for off-campus child care services, you may use the provincial directory to explore the different facilities available. However, the centre-based childcare facilities that are located in St. John’s may offer greater convenience to student parents who are based on the St. John’s campus.  Here is a downloadable PDF of childcare options created by the Internationalization Office. 

MUN Childcare Centre: The MUN Childcare Centre is located centrally on campus. Within one building are four self-contained child care centres, each staffed with qualified, experienced, caring people. The programs available are for toddlers (age 2), full and part-time pre-schoolers (3-6), and school children (5-10). For their website, click here. Please note: Waitlists can be long at the MUN Childcare Centre and you will not be guaranteed a spot upon arrival. 

Please check out the Frequently Asked Questions to get better acquainted with the centre. Then you may complete an online application here.

Financing Child Care

The expenses related to child care need to factor into your decision-making. So, please ensure that you get all the information concerning the fees you will pay for your child to secure and keep a space at a child care facility. You may need to pay for all the days your child is enrolled - even when absent.

Operating Grant Program
Local daycare centres charge between $30-$60+ per day, depending on your child's age and the type of care required. You may discover that some child care centres are participating in the Operating Grant Program, and those centres will not charge more than daily OGP subsidy rates. The current rates are $44/day for infants (birth to 23 months), $33/day for toddlers (24 to 35 months), $30/day for 3 to 13-year-olds in full daycare, and $14/day for afterschool programs (up to 13 years of age).

More information can be found here.

Child Care Services Subsidy Program

If you foresee or encounter difficulties with affording the child care expenses, you may apply for financial assistance from Newfoundland and Labrador’s Child Care Services Subsidy Program. This is an income-tested program, which means that your family’s financial status will be verified and assessed to determine your ability to afford the fees at a regulated child care facility. If your family is found eligible for assistance, the subsidy will be determined by the level of need. The child care fee may be eliminated or minimized and will be paid directly to the child care service provider on behalf of your family. The full subsidy may be granted to applicants with a net family income of $35,000, and a partial subsidy may be available if your net family income is higher than the $35,000.

For more information click here. For the subsidy application form click here.

External resources: 

  1. Government of Newfoundland Subsidy Manual
  2. Childhood Disability Link Subsidy Manual 

Please note: The Child Care Subsidy Program policies are currently under review and will be posted when the review is complete on their website. 


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