Chemistry 1010

Fall 2021

1010 Introductory Chemistry I examines descriptive chemistry; measurements; atoms; molecules; the mole; mole calculations and reaction stoichiometry; the balancing of redox reactions; gases; thermochemistry; introduction to chemical kinetics and equilibrium; acids and bases.

Course Instructors:

Dr. Lindsay Cahill - Office: CSF 3336 Phone: 864-7911
Lectures: (12:00 noon MWF) & (11:00 a.m. Thursdays) 

Dr. Karen Hattenhauer -  Office: CSF 2244  Phone: 864-7689
Lectures: (2:00 p.m. MTWF)

Laboratory Instructors: 
Susan Hayward  - Phone: 864-8909
Renee Halliday  -  Phone: 864-8909
Smantha Payne - Phone:864-8909

Tutorial Instructor:
Steven Smith - Phone:  864-8743

First Year Lab Schedule Fall 2021
First Year Schedule (Lab Instructors) Fall 2021
First Year Information Sheet Fall 2021

Chemistry 1010 Curriculum

The Chemistry Help Center (C2010) is on the second level of the Chemistry/Physics Building. The staff provide one-on-one assistance with labs as well as theory and problems related to your chemistry course. Study desks are provided; however, due to space limitations, we must restrict their use to the study of Chemistry. DROP BY AND LOOK AROUND.

Chemistry 1010 Old Final Exams:
Fall 2015
Fall 2014

Laboratory Safety Training - Science 1807 and Science 1808

Integrity 1000

Academic Misconduct:
Cheating is not permitted. The act of cheating includes, but is not limited to, the copying of lab materials and assignments from previous or current years, or using unreferenced information in a lab write up, paper, or presentation. University regulations pertaining to cheating are found in the university calendar in section 6.12 (

The lecture materials required for this course are on Brightspace.