Academic integrity

Integrity (INTG) 1000 is an online course designed to help you learn more about academic integrity and the important role it plays at Memorial University and beyond. It will include topics related to: understanding the meaning of academic integrity and its associated university regulations; how to complete university work with academic integrity; and how to avail of supports to ensure academic integrity.

Course information

Integrity 1000 is a required non-credit course which must be completed in your first term of studies at Memorial.

As a first-year student, you will automatically be registered for Integrity 1000 when you register for your first-semester courses. The course will be available in your list of courses in Brightspace which you can access using your login.

Course completion requirements

You will be able to access Integrity 1000 soon after you register for your courses. You will receive an email letting you know that you have been automatically registered for the course. For example, if you are registering for the Fall semester you will be able to begin Integrity 1000 after you register for your courses in July. You will then have until week seven of your first semester to successfully complete the course. You must successfully complete Integrity 1000 before you will be permitted to register for the next semester. Information about assigned registration times will be sent to your email. Once you receive information about your registration time, you will still have several weeks to complete Integrity 1000 before registration begins.

To pass the course, you must achieve a grade of 12/15 (80%) on each of the two quizzes included in the course. A grade of PAS will appear on your transcript at the end of the term in which you successfully complete the course.

Course structure

There are no textbooks required as the course content is entirely online. It is structured so that you complete it step-by-step from the links under Course Content in Brightspace. There are links throughout the course which will take you to resources for more information about academic integrity. The course features a variety of learning activities. You may repeat the modules and quizzes as many times as required to successfully pass the course. Once completed, you will continue to have access to a version of the course for reference throughout your university career.

Contact information

Erin Alcock and Wendy Rodgers
Co-ordinators, Integrity 1000
Research Liaison Librarians
Queen Elizabeth II Library 
709 864 7427