Fridgen Research Group

Current Group Members

Bryan Linford
PhD Student
M.Sc. Trent/Queen's 2014
B.Sc. Trent, 2010

Structures of Beta-methylaminoalanine/metal cation complexes

Ruodi Cheng
PhD Student

B.Sc. Sichuan University, 2014

Cationized guanine/cytosine complexes

Yanyang Chen
PhD Student

B.Sc. Northeast Normal University in China, 2014

Structures and reactions of self-assembled peptide/metal cation complexes

Sam Atkinson
Masters Student


Structures and reactions of metal cationized mixed DNA base/amino acid complexes.

Mahsa Sharifi
Ph.D. Student


Structures and reactions of metal cationized glutathione.

Kelsey Menard
M.Sc. Student

B.Sc.(Hons) Memorial, 2018

Structures and reactions of protonated and metal cationized neonicotinoids

Kianna Vaughan
B.Sc.(Hons) Student - Chemistry (Biological)

Computational studies of DNA Base/radiation sensitizer complexes

Willow Squires
B.Sc. Student (NSERC USRA)

Structures and reactions of protonated thiacloprid



Past Group Members

Mohammad Azargun
Ph.D. Candidate
M.Sc. Sharif University of Technology, 2010
B.Sc. Bahonar University of Kerman, 2008

Structures and Energetics of Guanine cationic complexes
"Guanine Tetrads: An IRMPD Spectroscopy, Energy Resolved SORI-CID, and Computational Study of M(9-ethylguanine)4+ (M=Li, Na, K, Rb, Cs) in the Gas Phase"

Yasaman Jami Alahmadi
PhD Student
M.Sc. Kharazmi University of Tehran, 2011
B.Sc. Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, 2008

Fourier Transform mass spectrometric and computational studies of protonated and metal cation dimeric amino acid complexes.
"The Protonated and Sodiated Dimers of Proline by IRMPD Spectroscopy in the N-H and O-H Stretching Region and Computational Methods"

Barry Power
PhD, Memorial University, 2017
BSc, Memorial University, 2009

Studies of structures of bare and hydrated metal cationized uracil complexes.
"Structures of bare and singly hydrated [M(Ura-H)(Ura)]+ (M=Mg, Ca, Sr, Ba) complexes in the gas phase by IRMPD spectroscopy in the fingerprint region"

Currently: Assistant Professor in the Department of Chemistry, Memorial University.

Victoria Rose
Undergraduate Researcher


Structures and reactions of metal cationized 1-methlycytosine

Currently a Graduate Student at Simon Fraser

Maryam Moghaddam
Ph.D. Memorial University, 2015
M.Sc. Iran University of Science and Tech, 2009
B.Sc. University of Tehran, 2006

Study of Structure, Energetics and Reactions of Metal Cation Complexes of Dipeptides in the Gas Phase

Dr. Ameneh Gholami
Ph.D. Memorial University, 2013
M.Sc. Tarbiat Modares University
B.Sc. Guilan University

Kinetics of [Ru(bpy)2]2+ reactions and unimolecular chemistry/spectroscopy of Zn(Pro-H)+ and [Zn(Pro-H)(Pro)]+.
Currently: After a successful postdoctoral fellowship with Professor Paul Mayer at The University of Ottawa Ameneh is now working at Sciex in Mississaga.


Dr. Michael Burt
PhD Memorial University, 2012
BSc Memorial University, 2008

Formerly, NSERC Undergraduate Research Assistant (summer 2006)
MUCEP Research Student (fall 2006/spring 2007)
4th-year Honors Project Student (fall 2007/spring 2008)
NSERC Undergraduate Research Assistant (summer 2008)

IRMPD spectroscopic characterization of [M(Aa-H)]+ complexes (M=metal dication, Aa=amino acid) in the gas phase

Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow with Professor M. Brouard at Oxford University, Oxford, UK.

Dr. Osama Ali
Ph.D. Memorial University, 2012
M.Sc. Yormouk University (Jordan), 2001
B.Sc. Mut'h University (Jordan) 1998

ICR Collision Studies of Uracil2M2+
Matrix isolation infrared spectroscopic studies of ethanol/propylene oxide hydrogen bound complexes.
Currently: Postdoctoral Fellow with Prof. Peter Pickup at Memorial University.
e-mail: osama.ali(at)

Dr. Elizabeth Gillis
Ph.D. Memorial University, 2012
B.Sc. Cape Breton University, 2007

Spectroscopic and BIRD studies of UranM2+ complexes, M=1-14, M=alkaline earth metal.
Currently: After completing a Postdoctoral position with Professor Rob Whiteat Dalhousie University, Dr. Gillis taught first year and physical chemistry at Acadia University, and is currently a Lecturer in the Carl Wieman Science Education Initiative in Chemistry.
e-mail: egillis(at)

Sarah Decker

BSc Memorial University, 2011

[(Aa-H)M]2+ by BIRD kinetics, spectroscopy, and high energy uracil cation collisional fragmentation.

Currently: Graduate student at McGill University with Dr. Thomas Quinn of the Chemical Engineering Dept.

Nick Randall
NSERC USRA Summer 2010

SORI Studies of Uracil2M2+

Currently: NSERC USRA with Gary Hannon at University of Montreal

Elyse Jewer
BSc Memorial University, 2010
Undergraduate Research Assistant (Funded by NSERC/SWASP/CSJ/MUCEP)Summer 2007-present

MIKES and CID Studies of Uracil Radical Cations and Protonated Uracils

Currently: Memorial University School of Medicine

Dr. Khadijeh (Negar) Rajabi
Ph.D. Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2010
M.Sc. Sharif University of Technology (Iran), 2004
B.Sc. Sharif University of Technology (Iran), 2001

IRMPD spectroscopy of proton and metal cation bound adenine complexes and M2+adenine/solvent complexes.
Currently: After a Postdoctoral Fellowship at UBC with Dr. Don Douglas, Negar is currently at Leeds as a Research Associate with Allison Ashcroft and Sheena Radford.
e-mail: krajabi(at)

Sonja Hanna-Quinn
Undergraduate Researcher


Structures and reactions of metal cationized tryptophan

Chad Atkins
M.Sc. Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2009
B.Sc. University of Waterloo, 2007

IRMPD spectroscopy of [Pb(Gly-H)S]+ and [Pb(Ala-H)S]+ complexes (S=solvent).
Currently: PhD Student with Robin Turner and Michael Blades at UBC
e-mail: catkins(at)


Steven Rowe
Undergraduate Researcher

Computational study of uracil/metal cation/ammonia complexes
Currently: School of Pharmacy

Mark Rowsell
B.Sc., Memorial University of Newfoundland, 2009

Mark worked on determining structures of solvated complexes of amino acids and lead dication.

Currently: School of Optometry at the University of Waterloo

Ashley Power
Honours Researcher

BSc 2013 IRMPD Spectroscopy of [M(Uracil)2-H]+ complexes.

Currently MUN Medicine

Jessica Besaw
MUCEP Researcher
s-p Mixing in MO theory for 2nd row diatomics (co-supervised with R. Porier).

Currently: MSc student with Drs. Chris Rowley and Valerie Booth

Andrew Hogan
BSc Student

Fourier Transform mass spectrometric and computational studies of metal cation/tetrose complexes.

Matt Furzecott
B.Sc., Laurier, 2005
(Graduated with an M.Sc. from the University of Waterloo with T. B. McMahon)

B.Sc.Thesis Title: "Probing Strong Hydrogen Bond Interactions: The Thermochemistry of Ketone and Diketone Proton-Bound Clusters in the Gas Phase"

Currently, Matt is employed at MDS Sciex

Elysa Stefek
B.Sc., Laurier, 2005
B.Ed., Brock University, 2006

Thesis Title: "Potential Energy Surfaces Governing Benzylium and Tropylium Cation Formation From Alkylbenzene Cations"

Currently teaching high school chemistry.