Research Group

Current Research Students

Jansmeen Akther - MSc student - PtBi catalysts

Diala Alqdeimat - PhD student - PtNi, PtRh, and PtNiRh catalysts for ethanol oxidation

Hui Hang - PhD student - Support effects in electrocatalysis

Azam Sayadi - PhD student – Rotating disc voltammetry of ethanol oxidation

Tobias Brueckner – PhD (Process Engineering) student – Use of Pyrolysis Oil in Fuel Cells

Mohammad Javashi – PhD student – Support effects on formic acid oxidation

Nick Ryan – M.Sc. student – Direct formic acid fuel Cells

Recent Graduates

Binyu Chen - M.Sc. student - Catalysts for direct ethanol fuel cells

Rakan Altarawneh – PhD student – Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells

Qingxin Zhang - Honours student - Mass transport characteristics of a flow cell

Pasha Majidi – PhD – Direct ethanol fuel cells

Akhtar Kahn – M.Sc. – PtSb and PtBi electrocatalysts

Rod Smith - PhD  – Modification of carbon electrode materials for electrocatalysis

Reza Moghaddam - Ph.D. – Polymer supported catalysts for fuel cell reactions

Afroza Begum - Ph.D.  – Electrochemical reduction of carbon dioxide

David James – PhD – Direct Ethanol Fuel Cells

Zaher Algharaibah – PhD - Modification of carbon electrode materials for supercapacitors