Sexual Harassment Office

At Memorial, our first concern is for the health, safety and security of every member of the university community and all campus visitors. The Sexual Harassment Office serves all members of the university community on all campuses and institutes of Memorial.  

The Sexual Harassment Office works to:

  • prevent sexual violence (sexual harassment and sexual assault) through education;
  • mitigate the effects of sexual harassment and sexual assault; and
  • identify methods for timely resolutions of complaints of sexual harassment and sexual assault which may arise at Memorial University.

What is sexual violence?

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Sexual assault is a criminal offence and it is never okay. If you have been sexually assaulted, we have resources to help you.

Explore our website for detailed information about Memorial's Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault policy and its related University-Wide Procedures for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Assault Concerns and Complaints, Sexual Assault Support and Response Guides, reporting to the police and the criminal court process, FAQ's and educational material.




Feb 14, 2023


Planned Parenthood Newfoundland and Labrador is launching a virtual Adult Sexual Health and Healthy Relationships program that is open to all.