Chemistry 1010

Course Instructors:
Slot 05 - Dr. Barry Power: Office: C4009 Phone: 864-8909
Slot 7 - Tiber Reardon  Office: C4026  Phone: 864-8099

Laboratory Instructors:
Gary Hancock  Office:  C4001 Phone: 864-8081
Jenny Kim  Office: C4009  Phone: 864-8909
Tiber Reardon  Office: C4026 Phone: 864-8099

1010 Introductory Chemistry I examines descriptive chemistry; measurements; atoms; molecules; the mole; mole calculations and reaction stoichiometry; the balancing of redox reactions; gases; thermochemistry; introduction to chemical kinetics and equilibrium; acids and bases.

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Chemistry 1010 Old Final Exams:
Fall 2015
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Laboratory Safety Training - Science 1807

All students enrolled in chemistry courses are required to complete Science 1807 (Safety in Science Lab).  No tuition is charged for this course.

Students must register for Science 1807 through Memorial Self-Service. Students can then access the course online through Brightspace using their login ID. The course consists of a Safety and a WHMIS test. In order to successfully complete the course, a mark of at least 80% must be achieved on each of the two tests. Students who do not successfully complete Science 1807 by the end of the ADD period (Wednesday, September 19, 2018) will be deâ€ÂÂÂÂÂÂÂ┬Éregistered from all their lab courses requiring it.

Integrity 100A/B

Please see

Academic Misconduct:
Cheating is not permitted. The act of cheating includes, but is not limited to, the copying of lab materials and assignments from previous or current years, or using unreferenced information in a lab write up, paper, or presentation. University regulations pertaining to cheating are found in the university calendar in section 6.12 (

The lecture and tutorial materials required for this course include:
• Chemistry (2nd Canadian Edition) A Molecular Approach by Nivaldo J. Tro Travis D. Fridgen Lawton E. Shaw
• Mastering Chemistry Access Code (for all online assignments)
• Learning Catalytics Access Code (for tutorial sessions)

**Important note: If you purchase a used book and are taking this course for the first time, be careful that you consider the pricing below since if you buy a used book, you will be required to purchase additionally a separate and new Mastering Chemistry access code at $66 (online purchase) followed by a Learning Catalytics access code at $12 US/6 months or $20 US/12 months (online purchase) for use in this course. Note that the Mastering Chemistry code and Learning Catalytics codes cannot be purchased used.

Course Materials available in bookstore as follows:

Loose Leaf Version + Mastering with ebook Code $120
Hardcover Version + Mastering with ebook Code $180
Note: The above options include Learning Catalytics codes as well.

Chemistry Textbook Bundles:
There are several special packages that can be purchased at the MUN bookstore which include textbooks from chemistry and certain physics and biology courses. If you are taking Chemistry and the additional courses as indicated below then consider these packages as better pricing then purchasing them individually. Note that these bundles include a loose leaf copy of each text and Mastering (with ebook) codes for each course.

Biology/Chemistry Bundle (Bio1001/Chem) $199.95
Physics/Chemistry Bundle (Phys1020/Chem) $199.95
*Biology/Physics/Chemistry Bundle* (Bio1001/Phys1020/Chem) $299.95

Note: The above options include Learning Catalytics codes as well.

There is also a Phys1050/Chem bundle for 199.95 and the books not only contain learning catalytics but Mastering Chemistry as well.

*On-line Codes Only (ie. student already has textbook) *

Mastering Chemistry (available at only) $ 66 Learning Catalytics $12 US/6 months or $20 US/12 months (Online only)

Be careful about the choices you make with respect to the purchase of course materials since you don’t want to have to spend more than necessary. If you have questions, please feel free to speak with your instructor.


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