What to expect or do after filing your taxes?

Step 1: Once you have submitted your Tax return (Online or by mail), Save your ufile username and password in safe location, so that it can be used next year! Also make sure you store all your tax slips and relevant tax documents in safe place for next 7 years.

Step 2: Register for “MyCRA account for individuals” after a month of filing income tax return in order to access all your tax documents in an online portal at CRA.

Step 3: If you opted for online notifications, you will receive an update email from CRA when your tax return has been assessed by CRA. You will need to login to your MyCRA account to obtain your Notice of Assessment.
If you didn’t opt for online notification, you will receive your Notice of Assessment by post on the address listed by you on your tax return

Step 4: If you are going to get refund, the Notice of Assessment will mention how and when you can expect that refund in your account, if you submitted your bank’s direct deposit information in your tax return.

If you didn’t provide direct deposit information, a cheque will be issued to your address on file.

If you owe money to CRA, the Notice of Assessment will provide the details on how much money you owe and how to pay that amount back to CRA