Step-by-Step Tax Video Tutorials

Video 1: Basics of Canadian Tax system


This video covers the basics of Canadian Tax system helping international students understand the framework of Tax system in Canada. This video also covers why an international student should file taxes and what documents they will need to file their taxes. Few tax scenarios/profiles have been listed in this video to provide new tax filers an idea of what documents to look for if they fall in either of that scenario/s.
Time Stamp:
01:00 Basics of Canadian Tax system
03:05 Type of Taxes
09:19 Who is resident for tax purposes?
10:14 Why complete a Tax Return?
13:40 What documents do you need to file your taxes?
20:50 General (basic) student profile with sample tax forms
26:30 Different student scenarios/profiles

Video 2: Getting relevant tax documents through MUN Self-service


This video shows how to access the tax forms (T2202 form, T4 slip, T4A slip & insurance premiums) through MUN Self-service. Remember that T4 will only be available for those who worked at MUN and T4A will only be available for those who had funding/scholarship at MUN.
Time Stamp:
01:15 How to log-on to MUN Self-service
02:00 How to get your T2202 tax slip (Tuition fee document)
03:18 How to get your T4A tax slip through MUN Self-service (Scholarship/funding document)
04:30 How to get your T4 tax slip through MUN Self-service (Employment income at MUN)
06:26 How to see your insurance premiums through MUN Self-service

Video 3: Tuition fee and Tuition credits


This video demonstrates how filing tax every year when you are a student helps you to accumulate tuition credit. Video also shows how you can use tuition credit in order to lower your tax slab when you start working full time or when you have higher paying taxable income.
Time Stamp:
01:30 How do you collect tuition credits
02:40 What can a student do with collected tuition credits?
04:25 How are tuition credits helpful?
09:35 Things to keep in mind
11:25 Using tuition credits in current year

Video 4: How to register for Ufile tax software


This video shows how to register for Ufile through Video also lists why using ufile tax software is an excellent idea for all students, including international students.
Time Stamp:
00:44 Why use Ufile?
02:50 How to register on
04:25 How to select a security question

Video 5: How to file your taxes through ufile


This video walks you through an example of an international student profile who has one T4 (employment income), one T4A (scholarship/funding), insurance premium and T2202 (tuition fee). Video goes through all steps of submitting your details, information, tax slip details in ufile in order to get your taxes done. This video also provides how you can download your Tax return PDF in order to send it to a specific tax center if required. Additional documents that can be added to the tax return are explained as well as few complex situations have been listed in this video.
Time Stamp:
04:20 How to launch current tax year in your online ufile account
05:00 Filling up the identification tab in ufile
09:57 Filling up your current address tab in ufile
11:36 Answering general CRA questions in ufile
16:04 Responding to the interview setup tab in ufile
20:35 How to add date of entry, world income before landing in Canada
24:15 How to add T4 (Employment income) details in ufile
29:03 How to add T4A (Scholarship/funding) details in ufile
31:55 How to add insurance premiums and medical expenses in ufile
36:00 How to add T2202 (Tuition fee) details in ufile
39:52 How to provide your direct deposit (banking) information in ufile
41:20 How to make sure you get the quarterly GST/HST benefit through ufile
47:42 How to download you Tax PDF if required
48:10 How to check your estimated quarterly GST/HST amount
49:05 How to submit your tax return online through ufile
51:48 Other things that can be included in Tax return
53:42 Things to keep in mind when filing the tax return
55:08 Complex tax situations

Video 6: What to expect after filing taxes


This video goes over what happens after you file your income tax. Goes over what a NOA (Notice of assessment) means and how will you receive one. The video also mentions how your income tax refund will be provided to you if you are suppose to receive one.
Time Stamp:
00:30 Tax filing confirmation
01:42 What happens after you file taxes
03:05 What is NOA (Notice of Assessment)
05:19 How is refund of excess income tax issued

Video 7: MyCRA Account basics


Video shows why is it important for all international students to register for MyCRA account. The video also walks you through step-by-step process of registering form MyCRA Account. First time filers are advised to register for MyCRA account only after they receive their notice of assessment or at-least a month has passed after filing their tax return.
Time Stamp:
00:28 Why to register for MyCRA account for individuals?
02:23 How to register for MyCRA account
05:18 2-Step registration process to use MyCRA account