Opting out of the Foreign Health Insurance

We will begin to accept opt outs for Fall 2021 beginning mid-late August, with a deadline of September 22, 2021. Opt outs will be done online at www.guard.me/mun. You will get an email from Guard Me notifying you of when you will be eligible to opt out of the insurance.

You are eligible to opt out from the foreign health insurance plan if one of these statements applies to you:

  • I am studying outside of Canada
  • I am sponsored by one of the following groups who provide me with insurance: Libyan Scholarship program through CBIE
  • I am a refugee claimant and covered under the Federal Government
  • I am a full time student (excludes undergraduate students on a work term) with valid MCP
    • Graduate students are only eligible to opt out in their first semester or Fall semester
    • Medicine students are only eligible to opt out in Fall semester
    • MI students are not eligible to opt out in Spring

To opt out:

  • Go to www.guard.me/mun before September 22, 2021 and select Opt out (we will  begin to accept opt outs for Fall 2021 around August 20, 2021- you cannot opt out until you receive an email from Guard Me advising you of your eligibility to opt out).
  • If you are opting out because you are not studying in Canada during Fall 2021, you will need to complete a waiver.
    • This opt out is valid for Fall 2021 semester only. You will need to opt out again in Winter 2022, as applicable.
  • If you are opting out for any other reason, you must attest to holding a valid acceptable alternate coverage and you must provide the start and end date of this coverage (acceptable coverage: MCP, Libyan scholarship health insurance, Interim Federal Health Plan).
    • The coverage must be valid on or before September 1, 2021; valid beyond September 22, 2021; and be subject to renewal.
    • This opt out is valid for the 2021-2022 academic year (September-August). You will need to opt out again in Fall 2022, if eligible.

Please note:

  • Alternate health insurance plans other than those listed above will not be accepted as alternate coverage.
  • If you are an undergraduate student registered on a work term, and you wish to transfer to the student union health plan you cannot do so online. To opt out, you:
    • Must ensure you have a valid MCP
      • MCP is for coverage inside of NL. If you are out of province, you do not have MCP coverage unless you have successfully obtained Out of Province MCP Coverage
    • Contact student union to opt in
    • Email nclark@mun.ca proof of student union opt in before September 22, 2021
  • If you have opted out of the foreign health and transferred to your student union plan, you must ensure your MCP is valid. Your student union health insurance is only valid if your MCP is valid. MCP provides coverage in NL. In order to receive coverage outside of NL, you must obtain Out of Province Coverage from MCP. If your MCP is no longer valid, you should reverse your opt out.
  • Be sure you are opting out of the correct insurance. If you are unsure what health insurance you have, check your financial account in Memorial Self-Service to see what insurance you are paying. The information presented on this site applies only to students who are charged the foreign health insurance. For other insurance inquiries, contact your student union:


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