Follow our online instructions to file your taxes

How to complete two or more tax returns at the same time:

You must create a new UFile account and password for each new year you are filling, up to and including the current tax year.

Step 1: Start UFile in the first year you arrived in Canada (2013, 2014, 2015, etc).

Note that if you arrived in December, you will have to complete a tax return for that year.

Step 2: Complete a tax return for each year you were in Canada using the online tax instructions.

Step 3: Manually carry forward your unused tuition and education amounts

If you paid tuition in any of the years previous to 2015 you must manually carry forward any unused tuition and education amounts to the next UFile year.

Once you have completed the Ufile information for the first year that you paid tuition, write down the amounts for the unused tuition and education amounts calculated by Ufile. The federal and provincial unused tuition and education amounts can be found in the pdf file created by Ufile. Select "Tax Return" from the top menu. Select "Print or View" under your name. Find the following forms in the left menu of the pdf file. The federal amount is found on Schedule 11 at the bottom of the page. The provincial amount is found on NL (S11) at the bottom of the page.

Open a new Ufile account for the following year and enter these amounts in the top two boxes on the education page of the next year's UFile account. You may have to use a new username and password. Be sure to have only one Ufile account open at a time because Ufile cannot accommodate more than one account at a time and erroneous information may be transferred to both files.

Unused tuition and education amount accumulate each year so continue to do this until you enter the unused amounts in the current tax year. These amounts should accumulate each year.

Step 4: Print all tax returns and mail them all together to the International Tax Office.

Enter the month and day you entered Canada on Page 1 of the T1 General - ONLY for your first year's tax return.

Step 5: To finish, follow the instructions on the Checklist for New Tax Filers at the end of the online tax instructions.

Note: Remember your 2015 username and password so it can be used next year for 2016 tax filing purposes.


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