MUNTEL Frequently Asked Questions

When is the next MUNTEL exam date?

  • Please consult our website for the calendar of MUNTEL exam dates. 

Can I register for a MUNTEL exam date and then change my mind and request a date change?

  • No. Once you register for a MUNTEL exam date, you will not be able to request a date change. Please note that the MUNTEL Registration Fee is non-refundable.

Can I see a MUNTEL sample test? How can I prepare for MUNTEL?

  • To familiarize yourself with MUNTEL, you can find a detailed description of the exam components in our website. You can also consult our MUNTEL sample and its answer key.

How many times can I take MUNTEL?

  • Currently we do not have a limit for how many times each candidate can take MUNTEL. If this changes, we will include the details in our website. However, please note that the MUNTEL registration fee (CAD $150) is for one exam date only.

What kind of ID is required to take MUNTEL?

  • You will need a piece of government-issued photo ID (e.g. your passport is acceptable). You will present your ID to the test invigilator on the day of the exam to confirm your identity. If you do not have the proper valid identification, you will not be allowed to start the test.

Is MUNTEL accepted by other universities?

  • No. It is used for:
    1. Level placement in Memorial University’s ESL Pathway Programs
    2. As a proof of English language proficiency for admission to Memorial University’s undergraduate and graduate programs

Do all students who apply for the ESL Pathway Programs need to pay both the ESL Application Fee and the MUNTEL Registration Fee?

  • Yes, because we use MUNTEL for placement in our ESL Pathway Programs.

The MUNTEL webpage mentions that I need “a stable internet connection”. What if my internet connection is not very good? Can you allow me to retake the exam for free or can you take that into consideration when marking the exam?

  • No. A stable internet connection is essential. You are responsible for ensuring that a stable and reliable internet connection is available to you.


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