Testimonials: ESL Conversation Partner Program

Below is a video testimonial provided by Leisha Toory, a Conversation Partner Volunteer with the ESL Conversation Partner Program. 


Below is the feedback provided by some of our ESL Conversation Partner Program (CPP) participants. 

Feedback from Conversation Partner Volunteers (Winter 2021)

  • I did not know what to expect, but am pleasantly surprised at how interesting of an experience it has been so far! My partner and I have gotten along great, I was able to help with my partner's conversational skills and knowledge of Newfoundland while he taught me about life in Iran! (John Babb)
  • Enrolling as a CPV enhanced not only my conversation skills but also gave me the confidence to speak with larger audiences. (Talath Syeda)
  • I didn't expect it to be so enjoyable. I thought it might be boring because the focus is on having the partner learn and practice. We have great conversations. (Zhanae Sutherland)
  • The conversation parties in which I get to meet people from all over the world have been the highlight. (Kelvin Quintyne)

Feedback from Conversation Partners (Winter 2021)

  • Now I know a lot more about what people do in their daily lives in St John's. (Mohammad Afkani)
  • I spoke only in English for one whole hour every few days and realized my capabilities in different speaking types (i.e, formal/informal). (Mohammad Emad)

Feedback from Conversation Partners (Spring 2020)

How does your experience compare to your initial expectations?

  • The experience has been better than I expected. (A.G.)

  • I've been growing more and more interested in the program as the weeks go by. I'm learning about life from another student's perspective because we are from different countries. The ESL CPP has also been helping me to get better at carrying on long conversations. (Amin)

  • Our conversations are not as awkward as I expected them to be. (Sabrina)

What are the highlights of your experience so far in the ESL Conversation Partner Program?

  • I have found our discussions comparing my country with my conversation partner's country to be really interesting. (Amin)

  • Though I'm not fluent, I am more confident to speak English. (Kevin)

  • I love meeting people from around the world and listening to their stories. It's extremely rewarding when students learn new words or different ways to express themselves. (Mayra)
  • My conversation partner and I have become great friends - we have even spent time together with our loved ones. I think that we have built a friendship that will last beyond this summer. (Sabrina)

Would you like to know more about our ESL Conversation Partner Program (CPP)? Visit our ESL CPP page. The ESL CPP program is open to ALL of Memorial students (ESL students, undergraduate students, and graduate students). 


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