Chemistry First-Year Help Centre

Location: Second Floor, Core Sciences Facility, Room CSF-2346

The staff can help you with difficulties you may be having in first year Chemistry or with your assignments. Study desks are provided. Please drop by! 

Hours and Schedule
  • Monday to Friday, 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Chemistry Computer Room CSF-2219

The Chemistry Computer Room is located in CSF-2219. It is a drop-in computer room that we share with the Biochemistry department, and is open from 8:00 am to 9:00  pm Monday through Friday. The resources consist of 20 Windows Workstations accessing the Internet via secure login through the CHEMISTRY domain.

We offer popular and specialty software to students enrolled in Chemistry courses beyond third year. Chemistry Majors have unlimited storage space on the departmental server.

Please contact the General Office for more information (CSF-2211).

Software Site Licenses

The department has site licenses for the chemical drawing software ChemDraw and an interactive software environment for experimentation with scientific and engineering data called IGOR. Faculty and students of Memorial University can obtain a copy of this software under the departmental site license. The steps to arrange access are described on this page.

MUN Chemistry Society (MUNCS) 

The best way to feel part of the Chemistry Department is to join MUNCS. It a good way to meet other Chemistry students as well as staff and faculty members. The society is run by and for Chemistry students and has its own room in the Core Science Facility (Room: CSF-2217, Phone: 864-3215). MUNCS is involved in organizing and participating in university events like open houses, mixers, and sports events such as softball. MUNCS is also the local student chapter of the Chemical Institute of Canada.

For more details check out the MUNCS webpage.

Chemistry Resource Room

Room TBA

We offer assistance for Chemistry course and laboratory related content problems to first year and second year. The room is staffed by professional instructional assistants and MUCEP Student Assistants.

We provide access to:

  • selected course notes and handouts.
  • all current Chemistry course texts.
  • all current Chemistry lab manuals.
  • internet access to course web sites.
  • available computer support is for use by students enrolled in First or Second year Chemistry courses.

Special Notices
  • Check here for notification of special hours

Suggestions for Students
  • bring a question, assignment or pre-lab you want help with.
  • bring your class notes and a calculator.
  • we are here to help you, not lecture to you - be prepared to participate in the process.

Hours and Schedule
  • Monday to Friday, 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

 Students seeking help on assignment and lab questions should bring an attempted solution and be prepared to be guided to the answer. Under no circumstances will staff provide solutions or answers to problems.