Chemistry 3411

Winter 2021

3411 Synthetic Organic Chemistry I is an introduction to organic synthesis. It covers the principles of organic synthesis and a range of reactions that are used in its pursuit. These reactions fall under the general headings of functional group interconversion (oxidation, reduction, protection, deprotection, substitution, elimination) and skeleton-building (reactions of carbon nucleophiles with electrophiles, transition metal-catalyzed reactions, pericyclic reactions and reactions involving reactive intermediates).

Dr. Graham Bodwell Office: C4018 Phone: 864-8406

Office Hours:  Formal office hours are Thursdays 09:00–12:00.

Lab Instructor:

Cliff McCarthy  Office: C4009  Phone:  864-8909

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  Advanced Organic Chemistry, 5th Edition, Part B: Reactions and Synthesis, F. A. Carey and R. J. Sundberg

A survey of some important reactions used in organic synthesis, including oxidations, reductions, functional group interconversions, reactions of carbon-based nucleophiles, pericyclic reactions and those based on carbocation, carbene, nitrene and carbanion intermediates. Emphasis is placed on multifunctional compounds.